Doughnut business opens storefront

Amanda Kinden stands outside Oh Doughnuts’ new home at 326 Broadway. She expects doors to open early March. THE PROJECTOR/ Joy K. Balmana

Amanda Kinden stands outside Oh Doughnuts’ new home at 326 Broadway. She expects doors to open early March. THE PROJECTOR/
Joy K. Balmana

Oh Doughnuts satisfied Winnipeg’s hunger for gourmet doughnuts until they stopped operation in April 2015. After nearly a year-long hiatus, Oh Doughnuts owner Amanda Kinden is ready to open up a new storefront for the deep-fried goodies.

The shop is set to open at the beginning of March. The sweet shop was supposed to open in December, but Kinden, 34, said she her concern was doing things properly to avoid complications.

“By putting in the time to get things done right, we hope that by the time we get inspected, everything will go smoothly,” said Kinden.

Kinden began sourcing her hand-mixed and made doughnuts to local coffee shops like Parlour Coffee, Little Sister Coffee Maker, Thom Bargen and Folio Café in 2014. After months of hustling a variety of specialty doughnut flavours like cranberry ginger jam, dark chocolate caramel pretzel and Coffee Crisp and chai glaze, Kinden decided to take a step back and start focusing on building a storefront.

Because she’s never had to fill an entire store day-after-day, Kinden says one of the challenges with opening Oh Doughnuts will be figuring out how many treats she’ll need to make.

“It’ll take some time to figure out our production numbers, but I’m going to make sure I don’t run out no matter how busy it will be.”

Kinden is up for the challenge of keeping her large custom-made doughnut case well stocked and Winnipeggers happy. She said that challenge barely compares to what she’s overcome in the past.

“I have no culinary training. Everything I’ve done has been a learning process and it will continue to be one,” said Kinden. “If you were to ask me years ago, I never would have thought I would be opening up a doughnut shop.”

Since ceasing production, students like Katrina Mendoza are excited for Oh Doughnuts to make its return.

“I’m excited about Oh Doughnuts opening because the doughnut flavours they offer are gourmet without being over the top,” said Mendoza, 25, a manufacturing CAD student at RRC. “Their focus is really on the doughnuts, and in relation to their competition it’s more unique, but still has a homemade feel,” said Mendoza.

Bronuts opened the same month Kinden announced her break from doughnut making.

“We’re in direct competition because we’re doing the same thing, but I think a little competition is healthy,” said Kinden.

The shop is at 326 Broadway and will offer a variety of doughnuts including vegan options, daily and weekly specials.

For Kinden, the timing is perfect. She said regardless of a person’s preference, the treat is making a comeback.

“I think people love or are indifferent about doughnuts, but now there’s a doughnut renaissance happening,” said Kinden.