Your guide to catch ‘em all between classes

Christina Hryniuk, CONTRIBUTOR
Students can balance studying and Pokémon Go-ing as they head back to school. The Projector/CHRISTINA HRYNIUK

Students can balance studying and Pokémon Go-ing as they head back to school. THE PROJECTOR/ Christina Hryniuk

Students who want to catch ‘em all don’t have to worry about school getting in the way of that goal.

First off, if students plan to take the bus to school, there is an abundance of PokéStops dotting bus routes from one side of the city to the other. Many people are able to catch Pokémon while on the bus already.

For students at the Notre Dame Campus (NDC), there are just two Pokéstops on the campus. The closest Your guide to catch ‘em all between classes Going pro in Pokémon Go ones after that are a few blocks away. The upside to having only two stops is that’ll give players ample opportunity to put lures so students can catch more than just the frequently sighted mediocre Pokémon like Rattatas and Pidgeys.

Students shouldn’t ignore these Pokémon when they do pop up, though. Catching the overwhelmingly common Pokémon will level students up faster while they’re stuck at school all day. Players can also keep evolving the common creatures to level up quicker.

The NDC has two gyms for devoted players who want to train and battle their Pokémon. Classmates, friends, and maybe even an instructor or two can battle it out for ownership.

The Roblin Centre only has one Pokéstop and no gyms. Students have seen Pikachus after setting lures, however.

Due to its location downtown, this campus has the advantage of nearby stops. There’s one across Princess Street in front of the old Public Safety Building. The Exchange District is also drenched with stops on almost every block.

Students might also remember to walk in straight lines rather than zigzags to maximize experience rates. This also helps to catch rare Pokémon.

For students at The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, there is a Pokéstop at the corner of King Street and William Avenue, and the Old Market Square is a great place to Pokémon on a regular basis.

Due to a recent update, Pokémon nests will be generating different Pokémon, so over time students will be able to catch different Pokémon around each campus and at the two closest hot spots to each campus, which are The Forks and Assiniboine Park.