Forget four-eyes, I need six


Despite my incredibly reckless lifestyle and complete disregard for any ingredient list, nutritional value chart, or warning label on the things I put in my body, I like to think I’m in generally good physical condition. I’ve never broken a bone, I can make it up more than three flights of stairs without collapsing, and one time my manager made me do 10 push-ups at work and I got to, like, nine and a half.

So, essentially, I am the epitome of health.

And then, devastatingly, we get to my eyes. I am blinder than the three mice suffering from glaucoma wearing horse blinders driving without headlights on a foggy night in the country. If I don’t have contacts in or my glasses on, I am a genuine threat to society. I can’t see more than five and a half inches in front of my face. For real.

You probably think I’m being a little whiny right now, since there are much worse things out there than using body wash instead of shampoo once in a while in the shower, but I live a generally easy life, so this is what I’m going to complain about today.

I think my biggest issue stems from the sheer inconvenience of it all. For one thing, it never seems to stop deteriorating. When I was in sixth grade, I couldn’t see the board—kind of a bummer, but no big deal. Now, at 23, I have to tweet out a PSA every time I wear my glasses to school because they aren’t strong enough and all I do is squint and frown at people in the halls all day.

As if that wasn’t enough of a bother, I’ve also lost every ounce of depth perception I ever had. Last week I slammed my car door on my knee because I thought I was far enough away from the vehicle. I underestimated the required distance of my step back by a solid foot and my right leg could now easily be confused with a Dalmatian. The eye doctor did not prepare me for this.

Oh, and, side note: optometrists are easily the most passive aggressive of all doctors. It could be because I usually only go in there when I’ve left my contacts in for over a month and now need a prescription in order to save my vision, but, I swear on the entire Mighty Ducks trilogy, if one more crank-pot in a lab coat slaps my hand because of a scratched cornea, I’m putting my dog in a vest and wearing sunglasses for the rest of my life.


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