Photography and design collective looks to focus on workshops and photo excursions

By Kaelen Bell

From Here and Away offer branded merchandise at their farewell event on Oct. 3/2017./KAELEN BELL

From Here and Away (FH&A) is saying goodbye to The Forks, but don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon.

Founded in 2015, FH&A’s website describes it as, “a clothing company and a multifaceted creative platform designed to inspire travel, exploration and self-expression in people of all walks of life.”

The clothing company and creative collective have wrapped up its six-month residency at The Forks, a time that 23-year-old FH&A founder Joseph Visser looks back on fondly.

“It was just a really big learning opportunity, there was a lot of good growth,” Visser said at the FH&A farewell event. Fans and community members gathered to say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next.

Now that FH&A doesn’t have a physical operating space, Visser hopes to focus on more photography and design workshops.

“I’m focused on what can we do without a fixed address,” he said.

Visser says he hopes people come to their workshops, such as the upcoming FortWhyte Alive Sunset Goose Migration / Photo Excursion on October 12, with an open mind and relaxed attitude.

As Visser puts it, “the true benchmark for success is if someone makes a friend at a workshop.”

This emphasis on community building is what draws many to FH&A, like Abdul Isse, who said that his involvement in the collective has changed his life.

“I had an hour-long conversation with a photographer at my first ever workshop and it was amazing,” he said. Isse is proud of FH&A’s success, calling the photography community in Winnipeg beautiful.

The same goes for Dena Aminzadeh, who discovered FH&A through her Instagram explore page. Aminzadeh responded to a post by FH&A asking for photo submissions, and today she is an active member of the FH&A committee, brainstorming ideas for workshops and spreading the word about the brand.

“From Here and Away opened so many doors and got me excited about my own art. I’ll be sticking with them no matter what form they take next,” she said.

19-year-old Jacee Forsythe is also excited about the collective’s future, particularly the promise of more photo excursions.

“I’ve only been to one, a hike at Falcon Trails, but I loved it. It was one of those days where you’re exhausted by the end, but in the best way possible,” she said.

With several workshops in development, an international trip to Belize in the works, and a third clothing collection on the horizon, FH&A is far from exhausted.