By Suzy Gilbert

There’s a new way for students at Red River College to branch out, meet new people and maybe even their one true love.

Amanda Dorscheid, program director of the Red River College Students’ Association, has created a new event called Find Your Valentine, which will take place between Feb. 7-14, 2018.

“Online dating has become so popular and I thought this would be a good alternative for students who might not be comfortable with meeting someone online and are also not comfortable approaching people in person out of fear of rejection,” said Dorscheid.

Find Your Valentine is an online survey that can be accessed through the RRC Find Your Valentine Facebook Page. The survey is created by Matchomatics for post-secondary students which takes the students’ answers and matches them with other students who answered similarly.

Matchomatics determines which students are compatible with each other based on their survey questions and makes a match list for each person who filled out the survey.

Dorscheid’s goal is to bring students together around Valentine’s Day. She based this idea off of an event she participated in during high school.

“The students can decide how they are going to reach out to someone on their list of matches, whether that be by social media or in person,” said Dorsheid.

Depending on which campus the participating students attend, they are able to go to the campus’ Student Association office to get their list of matches between Feb. 7-14, 2018.

The survey is 39 questions long and covers topics such as gender, age, hair colour, height, personal strengths, tattoos, piercings, swearing, phone bills, music taste, hobbies, jobs, date activities and cheating.

Despite the extremely low number of people saying that they are interested or going to the event, Dorscheid was told by Matchomatics in mid-January that over 100 students have filled out the survey.

Meirav Nepon, a student at the Exchange District campus is one of those students and said that she thinks this is a great way to meet new people since the survey matches you up with people who have similar interests.

“It would be so perfect to meet someone at the same school. We could even do our homework together,” said Nepon.