By Ryan Job – Projector Politics columnist

The 2019 federal election is only days away, and for the first time millennials are the largest chunk of the electorate. That includes a lot of students.

So The Projector sorted through the major party platforms for promises on post-secondary education. Here are the results by party in alphabetical order.

Figures in brackets are costs over four years.

The Conservatives

  • Require post-secondary institutions to commit to free speech and academic freedom to be eligible for research support grants

The Greens

  • Eliminate post-secondary tuition and forgive existing federal student debt by redirecting money now spent on bursaries, tuition tax credits, the student loan system and student loan defaults ($48.02 billion)
  • Remove two per cent cap on Indigenous education funding increases

The Liberals

The Liberal Party’s platform did not cost its education commitments.

  • Increase Canada Student Grants to give students up to $1,200 more per year
  • Extend post-graduation grace period to two years
  • Allow students to delay loan payments until they make at least $35,000 a year—and put them on hold if income ever falls below that
  • Allow new parents to pause student loan payments until their youngest child turns five


  • Work with provinces to cap and reduce tuition fees, with the ultimate goal of making post-secondary part of the public education system
  • Eliminate interest rates on federal student loans ($2 billion)
  • Move away from the loan system and improve access to non-repayable Canada Student Grants ($2.06 billion)

The People’s Party

The People’s Party’s platform does not include any commitments on post-secondary education.

Advance polls have closed, and Election day is Oct. 21.