An RRC student’s new business is raising money towards Anorexia recovery

By Gabrielle Piché

Graphic sold on Self Love Club’s website./ Supplied Photo

After years of struggling with anorexia, a Graphic Design student of Red River College (RRC) put her design skills to use and created a business to help others facing similar challenges.

Taylor Peters, a second-year student, created the Self Love Club, a retail design business primarily selling original prints and t-shirts. Peters said all profits made from the sales go towards coaching for those recovering from anorexia.

“I want to raise awareness about eating disorders but also keep it pretty casual and fun,” Peters said who added that she felt the joy of recovering from an eating disorder and now wants to help others have that same experience.

Peters also posts motivational graphics that she’s made on Self Love Club’s Instagram page. The graphics often come with inspiring captions.

Peters used inspirational quotes and pictures to help push her through difficult periods in her recovery.

“If you have a little quote on your phone or screen that you’re staring at all day, and it has some encouragement, I think that’s helpful,” Peters said. “For me, it makes me happy to have a little reminder.”

Peters has been focusing on what makes her passionate since recovering from her eating disorder. She encourages those in recovery to do the same.

“I tried to be successful and find fulfillment in a different, healthy way. I switched my perspective on doing things,” Peters said. “Get to know yourself and be honest with yourself.”

Peters continues to run Self Love Club as she starts her second year at RRC. She encourages others to take care of their mental health, and their physical health too.

Olivia Obourne, a student at RRC, says she believes that mental illness is more common than many think. She believes that in order to maintain good mental health, students should schedule time during their day to do things they enjoy.

“I know for me, if I don’t write ‘relax’ on my to-do list for the day, I will forget to do it,” Obourne said.

More information can be found on the Self Love Club Instagram page.