EDC food bank feeds struggling students


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“Hey Dad. Could you put $40 in my bank account for groceries?”

I had moved out of province to start my freshman year at the University of Saskatchewan, and was living on my own for the first time. I was renting a house just off campus with two friends.

But it was now March, the money I had made over the summer was long gone and my 19-year-old self hadn’t anticipated the number of weeks between when I applied for my government student loan and when the funds would finally be dispersed.

Making your money stretch through the rest of the semester after paying tuition can be tough. Many students will come up a little short at least once in their post-secondary career. And now, I was one of them. Thankfully, Pops deposited the badly-needed funds on his way home from work that held me over until I got paid from my campus library job. But as I reflect back on the experience, I can’t help but wonder — what if my family wasn’t able to help me? What if we weren’t on speaking terms? What if I was an international student and my family was thousands of miles away?

What would I have done? Red River College has a great resource for students who find themselves in similar situations here on our campus. The Red River College Students’ Association food bank exists to improve the student experience at RRC including those in similar situations.

We recognize the value of having tools like the food bank accessible for students in need right here on campus. If things are tight, we’re here to help with food and friendly service.


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Fast Facts about the EDC Food Bank 

• Located on the main floor of the Massey Building.

• Open 2:30 to 4:30 pm every second Wednesday from September through April.

• Provides hampers for up to 30 RRC students and their families.

• Staffed by RRC students.

• An operating partner with Winnipeg Harvest.


How do I register for a food hamper? 

•Register in advance by calling Winnipeg Harvest at 204-982-3660.

• You will need a current RRC Student Card & Manitoba Health Card.


How do I sign-up to volunteer? 

•Drop-by in person at the EDC SA office or fill in volunteer form on SA website (www.rrcsa.ca)

• Email form to sareception@rrc.ca