Winnipeg punk duo’s new album, Feeling Disconnected, taking international tour

Holly Giesbrecht, CONTRIBUTOR

Mobina Galore, a Winnipeg punk-rock duo, is taking their feelings on an international tour.

Their new album, Feeling Disconnected, is all about their conflicted feelings when touring and at home.

The two were looking at what they had written and noticed the strong feelings flowing through each song. They are all about feeling disconnected and that became the name of the album.

Marcia Hanson and Jenna Priestner met through mutual friends while snowboarding in British Columbia. The two started to play music together in Priestner’s jam space, and Priestner quickly started booking the duo for shows.

“We were just jamming and it became a serious band. We sucked for a really long time,” said Hanson.

When the two first started playing shows people assumed they were a singer, songwriter acoustic group.

“Because we were women, I guess,” Hanson said.

It stopped happening as Mobina Galore played more serious shows, or maybe it was the growing confidence of the duo.

“If we can be just two more women in the music industry, we want to do that,” said Hanson.

Hanson believes it’s important to be women in any place where there aren’t a lot of women. In her case it’s the punk music scene.

“It’s really nice to have young girls come up to you after a show,” she said. “It makes me feel really lucky to be doing what we’re doing.”

Tye Whalen, a University of Winnipeg student, has seen Mobina Galore live in Winnipeg twice.

“Impressive performance for a two piece. They carry a full band sound,” Whalen said. “I really dig the new album. It’s upbeat, raw, and gets the blood going.”

Hanson said to succeed, bands need to tour all the time.

“The ultimate goal is to make a living touring. It’s exciting thinking that it’s a possibility, ” said Hanson. “Tour for a month, come home for a week — that’s ideal.”

“I’m really proud of this album,” she added. “But you have to prove yourself.”

Mobina Galore is currently touring through Canada, the United States, and Europe, including 10 shows with Against Me!

“The shows with Against Me! are the highlights of the tour,” added Hanson.

Mobina Galore will be back in Winnipeg playing at The Good Will on April 7.