Nearly a year after Print Shoppe move, some students feel frustrated and out of the loop

By Jake Maurice

Students are left wondering what will be made of the empty space the Print Shoppe used to occupy. No announcements have been made yet. /NICOLE BUFFIE

Students still do not fully understand why the Print Shoppe at Red River College’s Roblin Centre was moved, and it does not sound like they will know anytime soon. 

Red River College relocated the Print Shoppe from the first floor of the William building to the Campus Store last January. While the school said they moved it so that students could have a “one-stop shop for products and services”, not all students are thrilled about the move. 

“Before I could just go down with a USB and print whenever I wanted but now I have to go through online,” said James Couture, a 21-year-old Digital Media Design student. “It was easy before.”

Couture said he hardly uses the Print Shoppe anymore, and he added that a number of his friends no longer use it at all. Instead, they opt to go to various print shops around the city.

Anthony Francisco, the Print Shoppe manager, said the move to online makes it easier for students to submit print requests and for staff to complete those requests.

Francisco said the Print Shoppe is committed to addressing all students’ needs.

“We always work with them to ensure that they are getting the products that they want as a part of their studies,” Francisco said.

Students are feeling frustrated with the move of the Printe Shoppe into the Campus Store, saying it’s making the printing process harder. /NICOLE BUFFIE

He said that following initial concern, most students are happy with the move. However, not all of the student’s questions have been answered. One of the biggest questions left on the table is what the old Print Shoppe will be used for. 

“That space, among others, is part of a larger plan to continue to make the most of the space we have at the College, and we’re not ready to make any formal announcements yet so stay tuned,” Francisco said.

Couture said the Print Shoppe is not a lost cause; however, changes need to be made to bring students back.

“Give the option back to bring in a USB stick,” said Couture. “That would make it better.”

Couture also suggested that the Campus Store add a separate desk for the Print Shoppe and as well as a new cutting station. There was a cutting station for resizing projects at the old Print Shoppe, but a new one was not added in the Campus Store.