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  • Red River Report S2E7
    After a week of technical difficulties Red River Report is back! Riley and Bri talk about RRC's massage therapy coverage, (the lack of) fall reading week, e-waste and more! Our hosts are gone to work placement, so the next episode will welcome The Projectors interns to host and bring you the news wind-up! FOLLOW US […]
  • Rebels Rewind S2E6
    Kellen, Jake and Nik's last episode before the interns take over! Listen along as we talk Rebel's basketball, promising new Rebel recruits, the bombers win and how the Raptors are looking good.  Next episode we pass the ball to Riley Malinowski, The Projectors intern sports editor. See you next year! FOLLOW US on social media: […]
  • Red River Report S2E5
    Riley and Brianne are back at it again with this podcast thing! Listen along as we joke our way through dogs on campus, get serious about text anxiety and hypnosis. Catch us next week, and get ready for some guest hosts at the end of the month. FOLLOW US on social media: Instagram - […]