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  • Red River Report S2Ep1
    Welcome back to a new season of the Red River Report! Editor-in-Chief Riley Hastings and News Editor Kelsey Schaefer give you a run down of the latest Projector stories. We talk transit strike, #MyProjections and what's been going on in Winnipeg's downtown,  Our guest this week is Melissa Ghidoni, the Student Associations Vice-President External, came […]
  • Rebels Rewind S2Ep1
    Welcome back to another season of Rebels Rewind, a podcast powered by The Projector. Our hosts Kellen Taniguchi, Jake Maurice and Nik Kowalski give us a rundown of Rebels news, Labor Day weekend, and their NFL predictions.  We're gearing up for a great year following the Rebels,  FOLLOW US on social media: Instagram - […]
  • Rebels Rewind - Ep 6
    Co-hosts Kellen Taniguchi,  Nik Kowalski and Jake Maurice talk to Rebels volleyball captain Taylor Gray.  They go into the NHL playoff preview of each series, and finish off the episode talking to Nikola Elash about the mens world curling championship.