Some of Le Burger Week’s wildest creations were within walking distance of Red River College’s Exchange District campus.

King and Bannatyne collaborated with Bronuts to make a burger-donut hybrid, Chosabi created a seafood burger, while Clementine Café’s burger was submerged in a beef and onion broth.


King + Bannatyne collaborated with Bronuts to make the “King + Bronutyne 2.0” for Le Burger Week 2017. THE PROJECTOR/Cassidy Allison


Le Burger Week is an annual celebration of burgers in Winnipeg. Between Sept. 1-7, participating restaurants make specialty burgers. The public can vote for their favourite burgers online.

“It’s kind of cool, you get people going out to get burgers this week instead of just hanging around and going to McDonalds,” said second year Business and Administration student Nat Yaeger. “Just hearing about it my arteries are already clogging — I really want to go.”

One of the closest restaurants to RRC, Clementine Café, served their Burger Dip partially immersed in a broth. Burger Dip is a play on a Mexican traditional sandwich, torta ahogada — drowned sandwich in English. The sandwich is traditionally drowned in a chili or tomato sauce. Clementine’s burger consisted of a beef and bacon patty, aged cheddar jalapeño aioli, caramelized and pickled onions, and house-made milk buns dipped in a beef and onion broth.

King and Bannatyne collaborated with Bronuts to make the King and Bronutyne 2.0 burger. The two neighbouring restaurants first collaborated in Le Burger Week in 2015. This year’s joint-burger was a house-made brisket-and-chuck patty, with Applewood-smoked boar bacon, Canadian cheddar, frisée lettuce and house-made raspberry jam, sandwiched between two peanut butter glazed donuts. Chef Tyrone Welchinski said the restaurant sold 450 burgers on the first day of Le Burger Week.

“We had to make 100 litres of raspberry jam last week,” Welchinski said.

Next door to King and Bannatyne is Chosabi. The Asian restaurant is known for their sushi burritos but made a seafood-style burger for the occasion. The Cho-Mama burger was made with a seafood patty, crab, guacamole, spicy mayo, Thai chili sauce, sweet soya, romaine lettuce, cilantro and Vietnamese pickles on a fresh bao bun with furikake toppings.

Other restaurants nearby had burgers too.

Miss Browns, Peasant Cookery, Chosabi, Deer + Almond, Shawarma Khan, and Vicky’s Diner are all within walking distance of campus and had their own Le Burger Week entries.

The winners of the event will be announced next week.