Beatboxer, lyricist, and RRC student discusses new album


Adam Fainman (Beatox) working on his new album in the recording studio, Trendkill Productions. THE PROJECTOR/ Aiden Cloet

Adam Fainman sits with his legs crossed on a couch. As he talks about the process of making music, he begins to snap his fingers to a beat before it evolves into beatboxing.

Fainman is a 24-year-old hip-hop lyricist and beatboxer who goes by the name Beatox. He came up with the name because of what he does in music, and what music does for him.

“It’s beatboxing: making the beat talk. And then just music as a general detox in my life. I find that anytime I’m stressed or bored, I find I just beatbox,” he said.

Fainman producing some “chill vibes” in the recording booth with a little help from his loop station. THE PROJECTOR/ Aidan Cloet

Fainman has been developing as an artist ever since he was in high school. Him and a close friend rapped together in a group called Butter Pretzels.

“That’s how I got into beatboxing. I would beatbox with other rappers and him, and eventually I was like, ‘Well if he can write, I can write, I should try writing,’” he said.

Since then, he has started to collaborate with other artists to create a new experience with live instrumentation during his shows.

“It’s opened way more doors. Like playing festivals and stuff that I just don’t think would have happened if I just had a DJ,” he said.

Fainman is currently a student at Red River College. He’s close to completing his last year in the digital media design program. He said he applied for the course because he wanted to improve the visual components for his music. He also believes the program has helped him understand how to manage himself as an artist.

“You gotta be able to make graphics, make posters, make websites. There’s so much to it,” he said.

Fainman believes there is a certain stigma with beatboxing as an art form, and the problem is a mix of many people not knowing what it is, and most people that beatbox don’t take it seriously.

“The people that do say they beatbox, no offence, but they just don’t practise enough. It doesn’t fit. You’re losing the feel,” he said.

Fainman is currently working on a new album, and will be performing his music (jazz/hiphop) this Saturday at the Centennial Concert Hall for the New Music Festival afterparty.

He’ll also be performing with Collection Get! at the Park Theatre on Sunday, March 26.

You can check out his music at