Four ways to stay fit this summer

by Cassidy Rempel

Staying in shape while in school can be quite the challenge. With summer break just around the corner, here are some great ways for students to get fit.


 Orangetheory is an hour-long interval workout class that’s half focused on cardio, and half focused on weights. Participants are hooked up to a heart-rate monitor that they can view throughout their workout. Coaches will tell the class what rate their heartbeat should be at during every stage of the interval.

Megan Gabert, the owner and operator for the Sage Creek location, says everyone’s physical ability is different, so monitoring their heart rate instead of their treadmill speed is more effective.

“You’ll get your butt kicked no matter how old you are,” said Gabert.

The intervals work in a way that puts the heart-rate in a high intensity zone that will keep the body burning calories for approximately 30 hours after the workout ends.

To find out how to sign up, you can visit Orangetheory’s website.

Wild Path

Wild Path offers a yoga class on paddleboards. The classes are at FortWhyte Alive, and participants will learn about water safety and how to paddleboard before heading into the water. Participants don’t need to have any prior yoga or paddleboard experience, however, they must know how to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Wild Path’s paddle board yoga was a success in summer 2016 — a participant poses on a paddle board at twilight./PROVIDED

Ashley Bourgeois, a Wild Path guide, says participants can expect to have stronger muscles and better balance, and to feel relaxed and renewed after classes.

“There’s something truly beautiful about doing yoga while hearing the birds and crickets,” said Bourgeois. She says that’s why Paddleboard Yoga is great for college students, because it’s a way for them to celebrate and de-stress after exams, while also getting away from any obligations they may feel towards their phones and computers.

To find out how to sign up, you can visit Wild Path’s website.

Vivacity Fitness – Bootcamp 

The Bootcamp program at Vivacity Fitness will help participants get stronger, increase their cardiovascular fitness and improve their flexibility. The class is set up in circuits. Participants will warm up for five minutes, go through 15 stations, do ab exercises, then stretch. Anyone wishing to participate in classes will need to be screened with PAR-Q form that will tell participants if they need a doctor’s permission before starting the program.

Kassy Bouchard, a Bootcamp trainer, says their program is different than other similar programs, because all their trainers are experienced, and the gym has new equipment for participants to use.

“It adds variety to their training,” said Bouchard.

To find out how to sign up, you can visit Vivacity Fitness’s website.