Living Hour headlined a show at the West End Cultural Centre on Friday, Jan. 27 as part of Big Fun Festival. They played to a full house. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen

Hatia featured a classically trained cellist named Kanisha Crez-Kan. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen

This year was the sixth annual BIG FUN Festival in Winnipeg. It featured 43 artists from a range of genres performing at 14 events from Jan. 25 to 29. The festival spanned a number of venues, many of which were located along Sherbrooke Street.

David Schellenberg, the artistic director for the festival, said BIG FUN really wanted to focus on offering many types of music and to host shows that could appeal to anyone.

“A major goal of this year’s festival was to focus on our safer spaces policy and make sure that we’re producing a festival where everyone can feel comfortable,” Schellenberg said.

Performances ranged from local rap and R&B artists like 3PEAT, to solo acts with classical instruments like Hannah Epperson, to punk rock like Tunic and shoe gaze rock like Living Hour.

A lot of the festival runs on volunteer work.

Nikki Basford volunteered for her first time this year, and she said she’ll definitely do it again. She also attended all of the shows on Friday night, getting to at least three venues in one night.

She said she was really looking forward to seeing Living Hour, and they impressed her. Later that night, she unexpectedly wound up seeing 3PEAT and was pleasantly surprised.

E.GG performs with 3PEAT on Friday, Jan. 27 at the Sherbrook Inn as part of Big Fun Festival. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen

“It’s my favourite weekend of winter,” she said. “Having a reason to leave your house every day of a weekend in the cold, and seeing everyone else [who] cares about it that much too – it’s one weekend where it’s just so much all at once. In the best sense.”

Kelly Grub performs with Mulligrub at the Good Will Social Club on Friday night of Big Fun Festival. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen

Mise En Scene performed at the WECC on Friday night of Big Fun Music Festival. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen

Tansy opened up the festival on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at The Ballroom on Roslyn Road. The Ballroom is an old home that the owners graciously opened up for the festival. THE PROJECTOR/ Jen Doerksen