Drag showcase for new performers returns to Club 200

By: Darcy Gosek

Slunt Factory, a drag showcase for new performers, is returning to Club 200 for a Halloween spectacular on Oct. 31.

Local drag artists Moxie Cotton and Dirt started Slunt Factory in 2018 with their friend and fellow performer Stara David. Their goal was to create a place for new performers to take the stage.

“I believe that everyone, if they want to, should try drag once,” said Moxie. “It’s a very fulfilling experience, even if you never do it again.”

The organizers understand that entering the world of drag can be intimidating, but they want people to know that being perfect or polished isn’t a requirement to perform.

“If you do a number and it sucks, the Slunt Factory crowd is still going to love it, because we love everything,” said Moxie.

Michael Puchala, a Business Administration student at Red River College Polytechnic, didn’t know Slunt Factory offered opportunities for new performers to get on stage.

Puchala and his friends have been wanting to try drag but thought it would be challenging to find a place to perform.

“It’s cool that they give that opportunity out,” said Puchala.

Slunt Factory host Moxie Cotton performing at Club 200/ DARCY GOSEK

The showcase, which used to run monthly, was on hiatus for over a year due to the pandemic. While some drag artists pivoted to online shows when clubs closed, Moxie found that digital drag didn’t compare to performing for a live audience.

“It’s hard to stand in your kitchen and lip sync to one person holding a camera,” said Moxie. “Drag is really based in a feeling of community and togetherness, and it’s very difficult to get that online.”

Now that public health restrictions have lightened, Moxie and Dirt are excited to be hosting shows again.

“It is stressful, but it’s an amazing kind of stressful to be back and doing this again,” said Dirt.

It is no easy feat to organize a show like Slunt Factory and the organizers acknowledge this isn’t something they could accomplish on their own.

“We couldn’t do this without the support of the community, and I hope that we can give back as much as we’ve gotten,” said Moxie.

Slunt Factory’s Halloween showcase, Slunt-O-Ween III, will be at Club 200 on Oct. 31. Cover fee is $5.

Those interested in performing can reach out to Slunt Factory via their Instagram or by sending them an email at sluntfactory@gmail.com.