New mural at Winnipeg non-profit inspired by Exchange District

By: Sydney Nitychoruk

Artspace unveiled a new mural by Tamiko Chase Kavanagh on Oct. 1 in their boardroom. Kavanagh created the piece during their summer internship at Artspace, using their graphic design skills and inspiration from the historic Exchange District.

Kavanagh, an artist, graphic designer, and Fine Arts graduate from the University of Manitoba, saw firsthand how Artspace supports artists while they worked there. They said the staff were very supportive and encouraging, often letting Kavanagh know they were available for anything they needed.

“[Artspace’s staff] were so kind during my experience there, and were excited about my ideas,” said Kavanagh.

Winnipeg is full of talented artists, but finding cost-friendly spaces for them to make art can be limiting.

Artspace, located in The Exchange District, is a non-profit organization that creates space for arts and culture to flourish.

“They were super awesome when I was working there, and are just super awesome people in general,” said Kavanagh.

Tamiko Chase Kavanagh (left) observing their mural during the unveiling at Artspace on Oct. 1./SYDNEY NITYCHORUK

Mahri White, the Administrative Assistant at Artspace, said she sees how Artspace supports Winnipeg artists through her work.

“I get questions about outside parties wanting to use the Artspace about once a month,” said White. “When [people] discover that we have this [space] available, they’re sort of surprised.”

White said she knew of few resources available for artists when she graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 2019.

“Even if new artists just come and familiarize themselves with who’s in the building, which galleries we offer and our organizations, this could be really beneficial,” said White.

Nicholas Denysenko, a first-year Digital Media Design student at Red River College Polytechnic, said he knew of one free space for students and artists to take advantage of, but it’s only available for University of Manitoba students.

“I didn’t even know there were free resources. Things like this should exist more,” said Denysenko.

With Artspace being a five minute walk from Red River College Polytechnic’s Exchange District Campus, White encourages students and artists to inquire about using the space.

“The best part about our administrative roles is helping artists,” said White.

For more information about the art scene in Winnipeg or other local resources, visit Artspace’s website.