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Restaurant pops up in new place

The unseasonably warm winter temperatures has made one Winnipeg winter staple scramble or alternatives.

Outdoor pop up restaurant RAW: almond normally happens on the frozen river at The Forks, but the warm temperatures means the river hasn’t frozen completely. With the Jan. 21 opening night looming ahead, the people behind RAW: almond have come up with an alternative way to set up shop.

If the river doesn’t freeze over, Chef Mandel Hitzer announced the restaurant would be set up in a small peninsula among the trees.

RAW: almond runs from Jan. 21 to Feb. 14. Tickets are sold out.

Get on those dancing shoes

Billy Elliot is returning to a Winnipeg stage this month.

The popular musical is based off the 2000 film “Billy Elliot”, and tells the story of a young boy who trades in his boxing gloves for ballet shoes. Set in the 80s during the UK miners’ strike, the musical features the music of Elton John.

“Billy Elliot The Musical” is playing at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and runs from Jan.12 to Feb. 6.

Fantasy novel’s release delayed

Fans of George R.R. Martin’s popular fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, are dealing with some disappointing news.In a blog post, the author told his fans he was unable to finish the highly anticipated book Winds of Winter, the next in the long-running fantasy series on schedule.

The HBO television version Game of Thrones is set to air in April, but without the release of Winds of Winter, writers of the show will have to rely on material planned for the sixth book and original ideas.

Martin cited many reasons for the delay including stress and revisiting his work. A Dance with Dragons, the fifth book in the series, was released in 2011.