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Hush lush

South Osborne’s latest restaurant and bar is a tribute to the prohibition era — when booze was banned and pubs were covert, illegal establishments.
Blind Tiger has opened at the corner of Osborne Street and Beresford Avenue. The restaurant doubles as a coffee shop during the day and a speakeasy at night. The coffee shop acts as the storefront and the speakeasy is hidden in the back, separated by a wall.

The coffee shop has already opened, but the speakeasy needs some final touches. The speakeasy will boast a French-infused menu and cocktails in a 1920s setting with brick walls, boarded windows and communal seating.

‘Harp!’ the herald angels sing

Take a trip down memory lane with Manitoban harpist and singer Janelle Nadeau.

Nadeau is performing with Canadian collective Winter Harp for their 23rd annual Christmas performance. This is her ninth season with Winter Harp. The group will perform Christmas classics along with Celtic, medieval and world tunes.

Winter Harp is playing at the Pan- tages Playhouse Theatre on Dec. 4. Tickets are available through the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Treaty art at WAG

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is hosting a new exhibition called “We Are On Treaty Land.” The exhibit is offering insights into the historical Treaty No.1 signed by Queen Victoria and seven First Nations bands.

The exhibition showcases works from First Nations, Metis and Inuit artists including KC Adams, Jackson Beardy and Robert Houle. Their works include photographs, prints and paintings spanning 40 years of the treaty, which seek to provide an understanding of the treaty’s significance.
The exhibition will run until May 22.