New Vietnamese restaurant an option for student budgets

Julianna Petrasko eats vegetarian pho, a modern take on traditional pho at Banh Mi King. THE PROJECTOR / Marlon LaForte

Julianna Petrasko eats vegetarian pho, a modern take on traditional pho at Banh Mi King. THE PROJECTOR / Marlon LaForte

Tucked between Subway restaurant and Stella’s Bridal & Evening Collections is Banh Mi King, Winnipeg’s newest Vietnamese Eatery.

Banh Mi King is located at 510 Portage Avenue, directly opposite of The University of Winnipeg. The new eatery offers Winnipeggers another option for food in the downtown area.

On Nov. 8, the owners, Hien and Khai Dang, officially opened the doors of their eatery. They emigrated from Vietnam to Australia and considered their move to Winnipeg “a leap of faith.”

Although they were nervous at first, Hien and Khai feel that Winnipeggers have been welcoming and accepting. They have received positive feedback from their customers.

“I think that it’s a great option for stu- dents in the area, providing them with another option for quality food at a reasonable price with a great atmosphere,” said Julianna Petrasko, a student at The U of W.

The location is ideal for people living in the new residence located at 320 Colony Street, and for those living in the West Broadway area.

“This is just what the university needed, good quality food for a reasonable price just across the street,” said Ervin Chartrand.

Hien and Khai said they wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to socialize and enjoy good food. The eatery takes on classic Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, but with a modern twist. Due to its proximity to The U of W, Hein and Khai wanted to ensure that prices were affordable.

“We offer prices that are fair to stu- dents. Sometimes $15-$16 is too much for students,” said Hien.

The owners noticed that many customers initially ordered pho, a more common Vietnamese dish. But customers soon became more adventurous, ordering more creative dishes. One dish on the menu is the ‘Baoger.’ It’s described as a traditional burger but with a steamed bun and the traditional meat choices. There’s also a vegetarian option.

Hien and Khai wanted to create an inviting and open concept, designing everything in the restaurant themselves, from the tables, chairs, and even the light fixtures.

The owners have established a social media presence on Facebook and said they are excited to connect with their new community.