What’s next on the chopping block, writes Mel Hansen


Dear Mr. Premier,

I understand our provincial government has a massive deficit looming over them and they are scrapping to find money everywhere they can. I get it, I really do.

I understand we can’t keep spending the way we had been and that someone is going to be effected. But right now, it feels like the little guys are taking the biggest hit.

When will it be enough? I am asking as a concerned student.

It’s hard enough as it is to find jobs that pay enough to pay off monstrous student loans. Students are graduating and unable to work in their fields, just so they can afford to pay their bills.

I understand it is important for students learn how to pay our way, but when it becomes crippling — is it really a fair lesson anymore?

My instructors are worth the money and I feel lucky to get to study at such an amazing school. But I look around me and so many of my classmates are in debt, the type of debt it will be really hard to climb out of.

Bill 31 — a scary thought.  For many students, this bill could mean the difference of getting an education or not. A potential 5% increase isn’t a small number. In fact, it’s a pretty big one.

I am graduating this year, so I am one of the lucky ones who knows I will be able to afford an education.

But Mr. Premier, where does it stop?

First, we said our farewells to some of our ER’s, then some of our healthcare professionals said goodbye to their careers and now students risk saying tootles to their careers and educations.

I keep thinking, this has got to be it — but it keeps coming. So, what is next?

It’s nice to know funding an indoor garden at Assiniboine Park with $15-million might trump importance to healthcare and education. I’m sure the pretty flowers will bring peace of mind to all of those who are reassessing their finances and careers.

So, I guess all we can do is wait, wait and hope that you will make the right decision and help the little guys.


A concerned student.