Fall term sees up to 20,000 visits from students

By Matthew Rodriguez

Chris Harder stands inside RRC’s Notre Dame Campus library where a majority of tutoring takes place. Harder is a tutoring supervisor for Red River College’s Academic Success Centre. /MATTHEW RODRIGUEZ

Red River College’s Academic Success Centre recommends students who want to improve their study habits for the winter semester use tutoring services early on to avoid wait times.

Chris Harder, tutoring supervisor at RRC’s Notre Dame Campus, said the centre saw roughly 20,000 visits for individual tutoring across all campuses in the Fall 2018 term. This number includes repeat visits from students.

“We specialize where we see the greatest need and where students struggle most, which is in the core academic skills — math, science, and language,” said Harder. “Those areas are throughout every program.”

Harder said appointments must be made early on, especially since tutoring, and the amount of support, varies depending on tutor and program availability.

The centre also offers program learning workshops and Help Desk, a drop-in tutoring space for students needing answers to program-specific content.

Harder advises students use the workshops and Help Desk first. If they feel they need more help, academic coaching is available for students to create study plans and techniques.

Lauren Phillips, the Academic Success Centre manager, said that the centre is here to help, but she recommends students go to their instructors’ office hours when they need clarification or guidance.

Phillips said the worst studying skill is to passively receive what you learn, such as highlighting. She suggests actually doing something with the information.

“Anything where you’re manipulating information and pushing yourself to struggle and sweat will help neural pathways to solidify and to remember what you need to learn,” said Phillips.

The Academic Success Centre at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus is located in room D110. /MATTHEW RODRIGUEZ

“The idea of chunking by doing what’s important first, and then taking a break to not force yourself to do too much helps me,” said Andres Bazin, 20, a Business Administration student.

Caitlin Edwards, also in Business Administration, said she tends to study more at home, but also at school to avoid distractions.

“Taking adequate breaks and making sure to take them after half an hour to avoid cramming is crucial,” said Edwards.

Students wanting to inquire about tutoring and studying resources are advised to go online to the Academic Success Centre’s website or to visit their offices at the Notre Dame Campus in D110 or the Exchange District Campus in P210.