The Projector team of 2020/2021 is a collection of Creative Communications students who are passionate about storytelling. As a dynamic group with a mix of talents, skills, and backgrounds, they are here to inform and give voice to Red River College’s student body.


Michelle Karlenzig

Michelle is a high-energy jokester with the gift of gab. You can find her talking too much in the atrium, telling her latest “wild” story, and planning her next trip around the world. She’s passionate about gender equality and Indigenous rights, and through journalism hopes to make a positive impact on marginalized groups and human rights.


Ricky Yushishen

Ricky is a social media manager with a love for writing and creating. Whether she’s in her kitchen, her closet, or on her laptop, she’s always making something. She can often be found on a hike with her pups, at the store with arms full of bananas, or dancing her heart out at a concert. She lives by the promise she made to an elderly lady at the restaurant she works at to “Stay funky.” 


Hiatt Abendschoen – NEWS

Hiatt is a Journalism major in the Creative Communications program here at RRC. Previously, he studied linguistics and French literature at the University of Winnipeg. He grew to appreciate language and writing while working as an English teacher in Ile de la Réunion, a French island off the east coast of Madagascar. He’s a born and raised Winnipegger from Wolseley who is passionate about the city’s culture. He can often be found hanging out at The Forks or in the atrium researching the etymology of the word he just learned.

Danny Halmarson – ARTS & CULTURE

Danny is a self-aware hipster who fell in love with writing at a young age (which was a long, long time ago!). He enjoys telling stories, supporting the local scene, collaborating with his peers, and he gets way too enthusiastic about, well, pretty much everything. He’s the first person to share an album by a new band (that no one asked to hear about) and is often found sitting in the Atrium wearing a toque and crewneck sweatshirt while sipping on an overpriced cup of coffee. 

Riley Malinowski – SPORTS

Riley loves to write and watch sports. Some of his favourite sports moments are Sidney Crosby’s “Golden Goal”, the return of the Winnipeg Jets, and the Blue Bombers winning the Grey Cup in 2019. If he isn’t writing, doing homework, watching sports or playing his PS4, then he’s probably sleeping. And don’t hate him for this, but he’s a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

Rosanna Hempel – MULTIMEDIA

As the middle child in a large multilingual family, Rosanna’s been surrounded by different voices her whole life. This, perhaps, led her to take an interest in journalism and visual storytelling. Rosanna obtained a B. Sc. in biology from Mount Allison University before starting CreComm. She aspires to cover climate change and community health-related stories. When Rosanna isn’t reading the news, she’s fiddling around on her cameras, planning her next trip or strumming new songs on her ukulele. 


Nicole Brownlee – ARTS & CULTURE

Nicole spent three years studying rhetoric and communications at the University of Winnipeg and is happy to continue learning at RRC. Nicole is an avid listener and loves hearing any story someone will share with her. You can find her nodding aggressively with furrowed brows during most conversations. Her sworn enemies are passive sentences and commas, but thankfully her editor, Danny Halmarson, is here to catch them all.

Sydney Lockhart – NEWS

Sydney studied rhetoric and communications at the University of Winnipeg for two years before starting at Red River College. Sydney loves music and has been singing since she was 7 years old. She likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. She’s not into yoga, but don’t worry she has a whole brain.

Katlyn Streilein – NEWS

Katlyn is a podcast fanatic and is working towards becoming an investigative reporter. She loves to sit and read until her legs fall asleep, write until her eyes feel like poached eggs, and take photos until she runs out of film. Before CreComm, Katlyn studied Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications at The University of Winnipeg. Since last year, she’s been photographing the abandoned couches of Winnipeg’s streets, back alleys, and boulevards. If you see a cool one, let her know.

Emily Chandler – SPORTS

Emily is a high-energy individual who has grown up watching and playing sports. She has been an athlete, sports spectator, and active person her whole life. Emily was Fort Richmond Collegiate’s first female school mascot. She enjoys making other people laugh but loves more when others make her laugh. You can always find her with a coffee, a graphic t-shirt and a smile!

Brett Kelly – MULTIMEDIA

Brett’s self-aggrandizing bombast is second to none. They will brag about their “multiple media competencies,” boast about alleged “real-world superhero experience,” and by their own account has “a nose for news seconded only by jowls for jokes.” Before becoming the funniest person to write this bio, Brett studied film and television at Niagara College, theatre at Sheridan College, and worked professionally in film, television, and theatre. Should downtime ever come around, you can find Brett engrossed in a video game, movie, or recording a podcast about [expletive].