Riley is a writer and storyteller. He spent the last decade as a touring songwriter and guitarist.  Riley’s heart always comes home to Winnipeg. He loves connecting with his community and sharing their stories. Riley was named as one of Ace Burpee’s Top 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans in 2015, but what he really finds fascinating is you.



Chris strategically strategizes digital media, digitally mediates strategies and moderates media with strategic digits.

When he’s not doing that, Chris likes ending up on the weird side of YouTube, reviewing reviews, going to concerts, and drinking more coffee than is medically advisable.

After receiving his International Baccalaureate Diploma from Collége Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Chris spent seven years catering and cooking before coming to the Creative Communications program. His overenthusiasm, curiosity, and restlessness lead him to ask questions about everything.

He has organized successful Extra Life streams for the Manitoba Children’s Hospital Foundation, live-painted at Pancakes and Booze in Vancouver, and helped build and run The Wardrobe, an art installation at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. 



Kailynn grew up with a book in her lap and a pen in her hand. Now she’s a geek who loves to tell stories. Before starting Creative Communications, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia studying English literature and film. Her favourite movie is Dead Poets Society, which explains her need to creatively express herself. She’s writing a novel and co-hosts two podcasts: After The Whistle and Make it Mythical. When she isn’t binge watching Gilmore Girls for the seventh time, she’s watching hockey. You can find her with a large iced coffee in her hand and headphones in her ears blaring pop-punk and indie music.

Kelsey Shaefer- News

While working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kelsey realized her love of words outweighed her love of painting. She started a blog during her worldwide travels and has pursued writing ever since. She’s worked as a journalist for Interlake Publishing, an editor for Fanfare Magazine Group and a writer for The Local Frequency. As a side gig, Kelsey maintains her blog and speaks publicly at schools about mental health and self-image. If you ever can’t find her on campus, check the gym!


Kellen is a caffeinated sports fan and writer. He was the sports reporter for The Manitoban and a game recap writer for Bison Sports for two years. Kellen is the host of the Rebels Rewind podcast and a co-host on After The Whistle. He loves to golf and plays on a slo-pitch team with his friends in the summer. When Kellen isn’t at school, he can likely be found cheering for his favorite sport teams or at his desk five double doubles deep.


Bri is a total dork. She loves cartoons, bad puns, books about magic and hunkering down to edit whatever is given to her. Bri runs a book centric podcast It’s Lit. part-time, and even more part-time, she co-hosts Make it Mythical with Kailynn Newediuk. Bri loves stories and takes pride in creating audio and video that tells a story that people can relate to. In high school and university, she filled journal after journal with bad poetry and fictional worlds. Bri worked with CFS and as a nanny, so she has seen every episode of Barbie Dream House multiple times.



Sarah is excited to be covering the arts and culture scene in Winnipeg. She has studied rhetoric and theatre at the University of Winnipeg, and has carried over her love of writing and the arts to the Creative Communications program at RRC. She has a (brief) background performing in theatre, but now prefers to be in the audience. She’s always drinking either coffee or tea (or coffee-flavoured tea).


Becca is a storyteller through word and song. She’s the youngest member of the team and comes from a small-town farm. After realizing she could get paid for telling stories and entertaining others, Becca decided she wanted to be a journalist and earned her spot in Creative Communications. She worked for a rural newspaper over the summer and is ready for a new challenge. You can catch her feeding her caffeine addiction and looking for dogs to pet while telling jokes only she thinks are funny.


Gabby loves learning about people. She asks a lot of questions, and this (maybe annoying) trait led her to pursue a career in journalism. When not in school, Gabby likes to run, listen to podcasts and pet dogs.


Nik is an athlete and a proud Transconian. Nik’s been playing competitive hockey for 18 years, spending the last three years with the Transcona Railer Express of the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League. Off the ice, Nik blogs about the CFL and writes for Last Word On Canadian Football. Nik looks at life with a glass-half-full perspective, trying to make every day a good day. Nik enjoys going to parks with his husky named Willow, and he tends to overuse the phrase “Dilly Dilly,” but has no regrets.


Jake spends too much of his time reading about and watching sports. This love of sports led him here to report for The Projector as the sports reporter. He loves writing engaging stories which led him to Red River College’s Creative Communications program after spending two years at the University of Manitoba. Aside from sports, he loves scuba diving and video games.



Eric is a light-hearted guy with a passion for basketball. After an injury (along with a distinct lack of height or skill) forced him to watch from the bleachers, he turned his focus to videography. He spent the next two years at The University of Winnipeg studying rhetoric and filmmaking and is now at Red River College to continue his education. In his spare time, he enjoys sleeping, writing music, and sleeping.