Ally Sigurdson

Ally is a writer and photographer, she has spent the last five years working with local musicians and artists in Winnipeg. She’s the associate editor for Sound, Phrase & Fury magazine and  hosts a travel podcast called The Places We’ve Been. She is (only slightly) obsessed with travelling and is constantly on the lookout for dogs to pet.



Noah Cote

Noah is a wordsmith who started creative writing at 14. After falling in love with the likes of Thompson and Hitchens, Noah decided to sharpen his pencil in print and earned a spot in RRC’s Creative Communications program. He writes like a drunk poet, edits like a caffeinated surgeon and has way too many good things to say about himself.


Jackson MacGillivray

Jackson was a member of the 94-3 The Drive and QX104’s summer Street Squad. On the side, he ushers newcomers into the vast virtual landscape at The Portal Winnipeg and previously worked as their social media manager. Jackson volunteered at the University of Manitoba’s radio station, 101.5 UMFM and was the host of High Scores, a show about video-game music. He has a background in performing arts and has been the lead in musicals like Oklahoma and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He also participated in the Manitoba Improv League. He loves singing in his band, playing video games and shooting finger guns.


Graeme Houssin

Graeme is a writer and reporter, with their work appearing in Sound, Phrase & Fury, Stylus Magazine and Prairie Fire. Prior to attending Red River College for Creative Communications, they studied Rhetoric at the University of Winnipeg. They also co-host Sam and Graeme Take the Basement, a bimonthly podcast, and host of Drag in the Peg, an upcoming podcast about Winnipeg’s local drag scene.


Danton Unger

Danton has enjoyed telling stories since he was young. As a kid, he would ask his teachers for extra notebooks so he could write down the stories bouncing around in his head. It was this love of storytelling that led to his enrolment in the Journalism Major in the Creative Communications. Danton hopes to continue refining his skills of storytelling and pursue it further with a career as a journalist.


Caitlyn Gowriluk

Caitlyn Gowriluk is a dedicated, conscientious reporter with experience telling human-focused stories that matter to readers. Most recently, she worked as a reporter and photographer at the Stonewall Teulon Tribune. Her work has appeared in the Selkirk Record, the Express Weekly News and The Uniter. Caitlyn has also taken courses in politics, ethics and culture at the University of Winnipeg, and will receive her degree in communications in 2019.


Digital Media Strategist

Alyssa Etsell

Alyssa is an entrepreneur, designer and social media nerd. She writes about sports for the University of Manitoba Bisons and spends her summers promoting Riding Mountain National Park. She’s a nature enthusiast can talk about bird calls and other stuff no one cares about for hours. Additionally, she hosts Thru Here, a podcast about people who live in and travel through Riding Mountain.


Beat Reporters

Aidan Cloet

Arts and Culture Reporter

Aidan is an aspiring event photographer with a deep hole in his heart set aside for music. Aidan loves many things in the arts and culture scene, and wants to foster strong connections with those in the arts community. When he isn’t hunting for stories for The Projector, he can often be found at local shows or in coffee shops.


Hannah Owzcar

News Reporter

Hannah believes that everyone has a story to tell. Empathy and compassion are guiding principles in Hannah’s reporting.   She is passionate about human rights and accountability for local and global injustices. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights and Global Studies from The University of Winnipeg where she fostered her drive for universal equality. When Hannah isn’t stuck in a book, she enjoys napping with her cat Maggie, or running.


Cassidy Dankochik

Sports Reporter