RRC provides various mindfulness resources to keep students focused and effective

By: Natan Ruman

Red River College’s Healthy Minds, Healthy College Initiative is offering new resources online.

With students working from home, mental health resources can be harder to access.

The new initiative is dedicated to helping students who are feeling overwhelmed or depressed.

One of those supports is a 30-day mindfulness challenge.

According to the Red River College website, “There is evidence that it lowers stress, increases resilience, improves teamwork, and strengthens leadership skills.” 

The challenge teaches how to quickly make yourself present and allows users to clear their minds and set priorities. The challenge can be found on the Mindwell-u website.

“Uncertainty and the change of being stuck at home make us feel like nothing is in our control, this leads to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed,” Mental Health Coordinator at Red River College Breanna Sawatzky said.

Drop-in sessions are another recourse available to Red River College students. 

Students can sign up for these sessions taking place every weekday, where hosts teach ways to clear the mind through meditation, yoga, and other guided mindfulness practices.

“Students generally feel more stressed because of the pressure of assignments, and constant stimulation. It’s important to take a break when you feel stressed [to become present,]” said Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold, wellness counsellor, and one of the hosts of the drop-in sessions.

Stanford-Leibold said becoming present is a simple task if you know how.

“Breathe, and focus on those breaths… Your breaths are a gift, they connect your body to the world around you,” said Stanford-Leibold.

Whether it be through the Mindfulness Challenge, drop-in sessions, or connecting with the college through rrc.ca/wellness, the RRC website provides support for students as they transition and figure out how to stay mindful from home.