RRC Alumni to receive Prestigious Award

By Anja Sadovski

Heather and Stu Charles, standing in Red River College, posing for a photograph after they were acknowledged for a distinguished graduate award together as a couple. They will be honoured at the upcoming 50th Anniversary BIT Gala on Nov. 3, 2018./EZRA REIMER.

Heather Charles had two goals when she decided she was going to Red River College in 1977. Her first goal was to get a good education, which set her off in a career that she has thoroughly enjoyed. The second goal was to find a husband.

“And I did,” said Heather. “I was very successful in both of those.”

Heather met her husband Stu while they were both enrolled at RRC’s Computer Analyst/Programmer program, now known as Business Information Technology (BIT).

Now, after long and successful careers, the couple are being honoured with the prestigious Distinguished Graduate Award from their alma mater at this year’s BIT 50th Anniversary Gala on Sat, Nov. 3, at the Club Regent Event Centre.

Heather and Stu said they could not be more thrilled with RRC’s decision to give them with the award.

“Kind of hard putting into words how it feels,” said Stu. “But, it does feel absolutely amazing.”

It is the couple’s first time attending the BIT Gala. Heather said she thinks that it’s going to be a very special night due to the personal connections. Past graduates they have gone to school with, students they have mentored and their daughter, Nyssa Charles – a graduate of the same program, will be attending this night.

“It will be feeling even more special because we are celebrating with a room full of like-minded people,” said Heather.

Stu and Heather’s involvement in the school and IT community after graduation has been more than exceptional.

“I thought it was important to stay connected,” said Stu.

Stu has been a member of the advisory committee and has helped in the hiring of graduates. He was an Examiner for the Entrepreneurship program and most recently has become a member of RRC’s Board of Governors.

Heather said she is delighted with Stu’s new position.

“He has got a lot to offer, and I think being able to take his experience and his passion, for the college is a perfect fit,” said Heather. “I’m very proud of him.”

Less than 40 graduates have been nominated for this award, and the two said they can’t believe that their selfless work is about to be acknowledged.

“It’s one of those things you don’t expect, and you do what you do because you care and because you’re passionate,” said Heather.