Photo story by Ryan Taylor

Alexa Harwood-Jones prepares her typography project through the use of the school’s Adobe Creative Cloud software./RYAN TAYLOR

Cherisse Daoust meticulously arranges the layout of an upcoming typography project on October 11, 2017./RYAN TAYLOR

(L-R) Chloe Brown, Ashley Kaye, Danielle Friesen and Jon Denby watch a graphic art slideshow by fellow classmate Ayla Manning./RYAN TAYLOR

Heng Fang skillfully sketches artwork for her latest project on October 10, 2017./RYAN TAYLOR

The conversation between Abby Friesen and Mitchell Dushnisky on October 11, 2017 discusses their school work and upcoming project./RYAN TAYLOR

Sitting at her cubicle, Kara Perfanick is focused on preparing her upcoming project in the Graphic Design program./RYAN TAYLOR