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Yoga Public Stretching Downtown

New yoga studio opens up in downtown Winnipeg

Winnipeggers, there’s a new yoga studio in town. Yoga Public, located in the heart of downtown, will soon be open for all your sun saluting needs.

Ida Albo and husband Rick Bel currently own Ten Spa on the tenth floor of The Fort Garry Hotel, and are now proud owners of Yoga Public, just down the street. The former Carleton Club at 280 Fort Street, will be debuting its new facelift in 2012 as Yoga Public, the largest yoga facility in Canada. The 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art studio features four versatile studios.

Albo explained that the inspiration for the studio came from her own practice. “When you’re doing yoga on a regular basis, you just feel so good. Just to be able to share that feeling, and to give people an opportunity to explore yoga. The bigger idea of doing four studios and kind of the spa-like setting was more so that it becomes a one-stop shop for yoga.”

The studio, opening later in January, will offer various forms of yoga, including many styles of hot yoga and hot hatha, restorative yoga, Yin, Ashtanga, and even meditation.

“I started doing Ashtanga yoga, and restorative yoga, and I was running all around the city trying to find teachers to do all these different kinds of yoga. So what I thought was wouldn’t it be great if people could try all these different types of yoga in all its forms in one place,” said Albo.

Steph Riha, 21, is a full-time Business Administration student at Red River College and has been practicing hot yoga for over four years around the city.

“As a full-time student, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I feel that balancing a healthy lifestyle is important. Hot yoga allows students like me to keep fit, relax and de-stress, especially when school gets intense. It’s great to hear that Yoga Public incorporates many styles and flexible times, and I like that it’s in a central location downtown,” said Riha.

Yoga Public will also be offering TRX suspension training. This form of training was designed by the United States Navy SEALs to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Albo hopes that clients will enjoy the new, versatile facility. “The space is gorgeous. The analogy I use is what “Ten” is to “Spa,” – this will be for yoga. My sister designed Ten Spa with my husband, and it’s the same team that worked on the yoga studio.”

Classes will be underway in mid-January, however the space will continue to develop in to the New Year.

“The front of the building we’re not developing right now, but there is about 3,200 square feet in the front that we hope to in time,” Albo expained. “That’s where we’re going to do our idea for kind of like a cafe. It won’t be part of the yoga studio, but the perfect compliment.”

A variety of drop-in rates and membership payment options are available. Visit for schedules, prices, and further information.