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Spreading the love

Up-and-coming Manitoba musicians promote compilation album

Photo: Chris Maycher

On Nov. 26 local record label Real Love Winnipeg is showcasing several of its artists in a concert at the Park Theatre. The group show will feature performances by Palm Trees, Naysa, J. Riley Hill, Bear Clones and Somebody Language.

Every year, Real Love Winnipeg brings up-and-coming Manitoban musicians together at a cabin at Winnipeg Beach. For four days in June, bands stay and record an album in a studio at the cabin.

Throughout the rest of the year these bands play shows together for Real Love Winnipeg’s concert series. The record and promotion company has released three compilation albums. The most recent is Beach Station Blues II.

The upcoming concert is in a larger venue than most of the artists are used to playing.

“The Park Theatre is a beautiful and recognizable venue, the sound and feel is just right. Having a show at The Park is a big deal for Real Love Winnipeg as it brings another level of legitimacy to our shows,” said Gilad Carroll of Real Love Winnipeg.

J. Riley Hill, of J. Riley Hill and the Magic Bears, has played the venue before, but never as a solo artist. Hill has been making music for 11 years and is excited to play a selection of his own songs from his extensive catalogue.

“I don’t have any other shows planned because I’m working on new music, so this could be my last show in a while. I’m excited,” said Hill.

Naysa’s frontman and guitarist Dave Todd, recently played with J. Riley Hill at the Rose n’ Bee Pub for Real Love Tuesdays. The band is a newcomer to the Park Theatre.

“This is probably the biggest venue Naysa has played yet, we’ve only been a band for about eight months, but we’ve been working hard and we’re confident in our set,” said Todd.

The concert will be Bear Clones’ debut performance. Red River College student Brian Gluck, plays drums for Bear Clones and Palm Trees.

“It is Bear Clones’ first official show, we have been waiting to see them play live for so long now, we cannot wait!” said Carroll.

Real Love Winnipeg’s event will showcase the unique sounds of its talented artists. With genres ranging from folk to psychedelic experimental blues, Real Love hopes people will come to the show and discover their new favourite band.