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Smearing on the literary Warpaint

New Winnipeg magazine focuses on transgressive art

Bold, unusual, and provocative are part of the criteria for stories and art in a new local literary magazine.

Zenfri Inc.’s Corey King is collecting pieces for the second issue, set to come out this summer. He said the goal of the magazine is to expose the reader to new ideas.

“I pretty much go around assuming most people, including myself, don’t have any answers about how life is supposed to be,” said King “I like being able to churn something that might entice someone to make a change in their life.”

Looking inside the first issue, there’s the story of a woman who wanted to become a man, and the process of what that would be like. There’s also a story about a community coming together to seek petty vengeance by committing an elaborate murder for the betterment of their society.

“It’s kind of a wild ride — you don’t know what the next story is going to bring,” said King. “You go from one that’s written like a children’s story, with a deeper meaning behind it, to something that might be written to move at a nauseating pace.”

Multiple editors sort through the submissions to pick ten written and five visual pieces that stick out to them.

“There is certain attention paid to the overall flow,” said King. “Like there might be a piece we like but there’s not a good place for it within the issue so we might hold it. We do try to create a journey.”

Warpaint was born out of King being busy with other projects, but still wanting to produce transgressive writing and art.

“I wanted to make an anthology of things that maybe I would write about, or ideas I would share. It’s an experiment because it’s not just one genre,” said King.

One thing the authors and artists have been happy about is that there aren’t limitations on the submission process.

“Some magazines only want your work if you’re not submitting to anyone else, or if it’s never been published before — we don’t care about that, we just want to share ideas that are good and different,” said King.

Submissions of original stories (up to 6000 words) and art can be made here . Issue two is set to come out in summer 2013.