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Big Boom Theory makes big bang

Spoof of The Big Bang Theory breaks Celebrations attendance records

Celebrations Dinner Theatre has found a hit with their new show The Big Boom Theory and Winnipeg audiences seem to agree.

Although the company worried fans wouldn’t find the characters believable, the company’s latest spoof has broken a company record, pulling in the the largest opening night crowd to date.

The Big Boom Theory may well be the best selling show the venue has ever had, with nearly 400 people in attendance nightly, and audiences have given the show warm reviews.

“I was impressed at how closely the actors portrayed the characters of the actual show,” said Megan Ellis, a devoted fan of The Big Bang Theory.

Yet, the Big Boom Theory’s success isn’t totally due to the character portrayal.

The musical choices for the show appeal to the audience as well, Ellis said.

“I really enjoyed the music they used. All the songs I knew, so I was able to really get into that part of the show,” said Ellis.

The songs on the soundtrack range from “Mr. Roboto” to “I Want It That Way”, and the cast are all talented singers and performers. The troupe of actors even includes one professional
gymnast who shows off his bangflexibility and skills throughout many of the show’s energetic numbers.

“I’ve never seen a group of actors work so well together in such perfect harmony. They bring it onstage and offstage with such a perfect work ethic,” said Shane Chorneyko, Celebrations’ floor manager. “They all work so well together, they get along, and they’re just a great cast all around.”

The cast themselves also feel good about the quality of the show. Danny Gullekson, who plays the part of Dr. Frank, said he can see why the audiences are coming in such great numbers.

“With a well-written script and an accurately chosen cast it’s easy to understand why people who are already fans of the TV show can’t wait to see it live and with music.”

Margaret Coyle, general manager of Celebrations Dinner Theatre, agrees.
“Every once in a while the perfect conditions all come together. You know the movie The Perfect Storm? This show is from our perfect conditions,” said Coyle.
The Big Boom Theory will play at Celebrations Dinner Theatre until Jan. 12, 2013.