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Revenge for the Rebels

RRC Mens basketball team win MCAC final By Neil Noonan There’s nothing like getting sweet revenge in sports. Whether individually or as a team, it’s a feeling all competitors covet, and the Rebels’ men’s basketball team just got their taste. The Rebels defeated the Canadian Mennonite University Blazers 88-75 in the MCAC Men’s Basketball Championship on Saturday and reclaimed the top spot in the conference. In last year’s final, the Rebels were upset by their Route 90 rival and had their unprecedented eight-straight championship streak snapped, the longest such in MCAC history. “I remember what it felt like in the...

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Common student struggles

Bouncing back can be hard after break By Ryan Taylor It’s been nearly a month since studies resumed at Red River College, yet some students are still having trouble adjusting to student life since the holiday break. “This term has a lot more homework and studying, so it’s trying to find balance between work, school, sleep, and other fundamentals,” said Melissa Ghidoni, a first-year business administration student. “It’s been pretty stressful.” Ghidoni said that the biggest struggle is keeping a proper sleep schedule — between work, homework, and other daily activities, getting shuteye tends to lose out. “Life doesn’t...

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Playing the name game after Halifax fiasco

Best sports team monikers combine regionalism and whimsy By Declan Schroeder Ever heard the phrase “first idea, worst idea?” It’s the concept that the first thing that pops into your head when you’re trying to come up with something creative or a new idea is probably banal, clapped-out, cliché or short-sighted. Or, even worse — completely off-strategy or terribly offensive. Safe to say, you probably shouldn’t post your idea to Twitter for the phone-toting masses to probe. Let’s go to Halifax, where one group did just that, igniting a powder-keg of debate and ridicule. The Twitter account “CFL in...

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Find your Valentine at RRC

By Suzy Gilbert There’s a new way for students at Red River College to branch out, meet new people and maybe even their one true love. Amanda Dorscheid, program director of the Red River College Students’ Association, has created a new event called Find Your Valentine, which will take place between Feb. 7-14, 2018. “Online dating has become so popular and I thought this would be a good alternative for students who might not be comfortable with meeting someone online and are also not comfortable approaching people in person out of fear of rejection,” said Dorscheid. Find Your Valentine is an online survey that can be accessed through the RRC Find Your Valentine Facebook Page. The survey is created by Matchomatics for post-secondary students which takes the students’ answers and matches them with other students who answered similarly. Matchomatics determines which students are compatible with each other based on their survey questions and makes a match list for each person who filled out the survey. Dorscheid’s goal is to bring students together around Valentine’s Day. She based this idea off of an event she participated in during high school. “The students can decide how they are going to reach out to someone on their list of matches, whether that be by social media or in person,” said Dorsheid. Depending on which campus the participating students attend, they are able...

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Women’s Rebels basketball team in new league — more competitive: coach

Rebels women’s home game this Friday in new athletic conference BY HANNAH OWCZAR The long-running champion Red River Rebels women’s basketball team faces new hurdles as they compete in a brand-new conference this season. Pangilinan said in past years, the team has played in the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference only, where they have won the championship six years running. However, the MCAC is less competitive this year, as there are now just three teams that play in the conference, compared to last year when there were five. As a result, Pangilinan entered his team in the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic...

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