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The trading game

New NDC building to bring more students, space Samantha Samson, Editor in Chief The Notre Dame Campus (NDC) is a getting a bit of a facelift. The provincial government is giving Red River College some serious cash to build a Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC) at NDC. The building, which will host new workshops and classrooms for certain trades and technology programs, will be about 100,000 square feet and will cost $60 million. Project manager Patrick Kuzyk said a new building has been talked about for the last 10 years. STTC, he said, is just the first phase...

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News Briefs

Compiled by Erin Debooy The Mercedes-Benz of awards Red River College and Mercedes-Benz have partnered to launch an annual award for automotive technician diploma students. The award will be at least $1,000 a year, and students who show promise based on academic performance, leadership skills, teamwork and work experience at a dealership are eligible. Students will be able to use the money to pay for tuition or their tools. Mercedes-Benz contributed $15,000 and the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative matched the donation, bringing the grand total to $30,000 for RRC students in the future. The award was created to...

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Let’s take this outside

New dean plans to empower outside communities Evan Matthews, Beat Reporter As one of the newer members of Red River College staff, Dr. Mark Aquash said he’s ready to make some connections. “Now that I’m at Red River College, I feel I’m in a position to address needs of surrounding communities, and also position ourselves (RRC) to help empower those communities,” he said. “I want to help organize and bring in the voice of the first nations and aboriginal organizations into the college.” RRC announced Dr. Aquash was hired as the new dean of indigenous education and community relations...

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Sports Briefs

Compiled by Danielle Doiron World Suicide Prevention Day Almost one million people worldwide, including 4,000 Canadians, commit suicide each year, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. To help decrease these numbers and the overall stigma surrounding mental health issues, the International Association for Suicide Prevention created World Suicide Prevention Day. Klinic Community Health and the Winnipeg Suicide Prevention Network will co-host “The Art of Hope,” an event dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and mental health issues at Vimy Ridge Park from noon to 1:15 p.m. on Sept. 10. The public event will also include a community barbecue. Klinic...

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As the crow flies

Confronting his past through music, Shea Malcolmson (Abstract Artform) opens up about growing up not knowing about his adoption. Being truthful has taught this local rapper how to deepen his craft and his relationship with his mother. Story produced by Amy Simoes. Shea Malcolmson, also known as Abstract Artform, reaches for an aged Polaroid of his mother, leaning against a speaker in his studio. He smiles, looking down at the photograph. “She looks very much like me, except she’s got crystal blue eyes and mine are brown,” says Malcolmson. While many people don’t resemble their parents, Malcolmson and his mother’s difference in eye colour is a small piece of a very blurry past. “At 22 my parents got a divorce and on the same day they told me I was adopted. When I was going through some of my rougher years she didn’t want to stir the pot. I understand why she didn’t tell me sooner and I love her,” says Malcolmson. At fifteen-years-old, Malcolmson began experimenting with drugs. As his habit worsened, his mother waited for an appropriate time to tell him the truth. “We had always planned to tell Shea. We believed that there would be something that told us it was the right time, and it sort of never came,” Yvonne Thevenot admits. Malcolmson, now ten years clean, is using his music to heal his past...

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