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Downtown Parking Rates Increase

With Winnipeg’s 2018 budget changes taking effect, downtown drivers are taking a hit. BY Andrew Lysack Driving to school might be too expensive for students at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus.   On April 1, the City of Winnipeg raised on-street parking by $1.50, which is almost twice as much as it was before, previously sitting at $1 or $2 per hour depending on the location.   “The increase of parking fare to me is incredibly ridiculous especially considering many people can barely afford the parking fare now,” said Taylor Capulong, 18, an employee at Skip the Dishes’...

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A New Seed Planted

Winnipeg Conservatory closes its doors as Diversity Gardens’ construction is underway BY Claire Renic   An iconic Winnipeg landmark is now history.   On Monday, April 2, the Assiniboine Park Conservatory shut its doors to make way for Canada’s Diversity Gardens, the replacement project designed to explore the relationships that exist between people and plant life.   Hundreds of people saw the Conservatory one last time during its final weekend in operation. The space was home to a rotating display filled with hundreds of different types of plants.   “I’m really sad to see it go,” said Avi Posen,...

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Manitoba Repeals Universal Healthcare for International Students

Repeal causing financial headaches, forcing some Red River College students to seek jobs BY Zoe Mills   On March 29, Red River College’s Business Administration students Anastasiia Mitropolenko, Sarah Li and Thamyris Salguerio received the same email from the college saying that, as international students, they would no longer be eligible for free universal healthcare.   This news comes after a decision made by the provincial government to repeal universal health care for international post-secondary students on Sept. 1, 2018.   “I was like, really, you’re going to throw this on me, too?” said Mitropolenko, 20, who moved to...

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Indigenous teachings empowering women

Women’s Medicine Wheel teachings at Red River College By Samantha Don Elder Mae Louise Campbell opens the door to an empty room in the Red River College (RRC) Exchange District campus. No one has shown up to her teaching on the Women’s Medicine Wheel. “These teachings are crucial because of what has happened historically,” said Campbell, an advocate in Indigenous forms of women’s healing. “But no one decided to show up today.” Campbell has held teaching sessions at RRC, with little to no attendance, to teach female staff and students about the Women’s Medicine Wheel and how it can...

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River City Jedi

A pairing of combat and martial arts bring people together By William Ludwick   When Dave Alberto learned that he could get his hands on LED lightsabers capable of withstanding authentic strikes, he and his friends went from swinging sticks in King George Park, to forming River City Jedi, an LED lightsaber combat group that combines Star Wars combat and martial arts. “I love to teach,” said Alberto, a Network Analyst at Shaw and founding member of River City Jedi. “I love to see that moment the light bulb goes off in someone’s eye’s.” Members position themselves in the...

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