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Reflecting on Remembrance Day

By: Ophelie Petit In the town of Swan River, Sara Provencher sits towards the back of the crowd in the War Veterans Community Hall with her mother, Heather Nielsen, and her great-grandmother, Esther McQuarrie. It’s...

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Champions on the cheap

Creating an MLB winner now requires cleverness, not just capital By Declan Schroeder Everyone loves a sports underdog story — it’s one of the most popular tropes around. There’s no better feeling than witnessing the...

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Student Stress as term ends

By: Cameron Eason The fall term is coming to an end and many students are starting to feel the pressure. College is very rewarding in the long term, but students caught up in the midst of final exams and heaps of assignments due...

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Students Need to Make Time for Games

TAKE A BREAK AT ACROSS THE BOARD CAFE BY: MADDY GRANT Canadian students are stressed. A 2013 survey by The Globe and Mail found almost 90 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students feel overwhelmed by their workload.  ...

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Waluigi Wins Costume Contest

  STUDENT LAUNCHES GOFUNDME PAGE TO WIN COSTUME CONTEST BY: TAYLOR FENN   Witches, skeletons and cartoon characters came to the Red River College’s Exchange District Campus to enter in this year’s Halloween costume...

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