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New Art Gallery Designed to Spark Conversation Surrounding the Indian Act

Jordan Stranger aims to create change and conversation with his new art exhibition. By Ally Sigurdson Jordan Stranger, 29, opened up his art exhibit to the public on April 12 at the Graffiti Art Programming Inc. His newest exhibit, I am not an Indian, was created to demonstrate the reality of the Indian Act’s negative outcomes through Stranger’s own experiences and interpretation.   Stranger is a descendent of residential school survivors and he has committed most of his life to spreading awareness of the history of residential schools and the harm they caused the Indigenous population.   “It took away...

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RRC Celebrates Student Athletes

As the school year comes to a close, RRC celebrates student athletes. BY Cassidy Dankochik   Red River College celebrated student athletes on March 22, at the Prairie Lights Dining Room. Eight athletes were honoured for their efforts.   Among those chosen was Josh Goosen, a Creative Communications student.  He was named the MVP of the men’s volleyball team, despite only joining the team in the middle of January.   “They needed an outside hitter, and that’s something I’ve always been,” Goosen said a few days after the ceremony. “I never passed for them, I didn’t play a lot...

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Behind the Wise Guys, RRC’s Viral Tutors

RED RIVER COLLEGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL REACHES A GLOBAL AUDIENCE BY SYDNEY SMALL   5 million views, 210 countries, 366 videos and 25,460 subscribers: a Red River College YouTube channel has gone global. They’re known as the Wise Guys.   “There’s been massive growth recently,” said Lauren Phillips, manager of the Academic Success Centre, as she looked at the channel’s analytics. “It really has a global reach.” The Wise Guys Tutors YouTube channel, now titled Red River College – Tutoring, was funded by an innovation grant at the Notre Dame Campus in 2008. It began with a partnership between the...

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Stress-Fighting Workshops Empty as Exams Loom

Brain Bites workshops go unattended while students stress over exams BY RICK CLEMENT   Lynne Martin held a Brain Bites workshop on Thursday, April 18 to help students build tools for managing exam stress. No one showed up.   “That’s been the pattern,” said Martin.   Martin is a tutor and works out of the Academic Success Centre at Red River College. She helps students develop learning strategies and combat stress.   The following Monday, McKenzie Choy sat in the Learning Commons with two other students doing a final cram session. He appeared tense. Choy said he was aware...

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A local MasterChef

Winnipeg resident competes on fifth season of MasterChef Canada BY Kaelen Bell The kitchen was in chaos, but Jonathan Rahim sat transfixed as his mother rushed about preparing roti for his incoming family.   “I was in trouble one day, and she pulled me into the kitchen and I was sitting at the table just watching her. There was so much happening,” says Rahim, who recently wrapped up filming season five of MasterChef Canada in Toronto. “I started cooking ‘cause I saw my mom do it.”   Rahim, who moved to Winnipeg from Trinidad when he was a toddler,...

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