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Rebels soccer season is officially a wrap

Both men’s and women’s soccer teams finish the season in fifth place BY: Amber Doyle   Both Rebels soccer teams finished the season in fifth place, just outside the final four.   The season may have come to a “disappointing” end, but “no one ever gave up on playing” said women’s goalkeeper Brittany Derkacz. A strong push in October allowed the women’s team to finish the season with a 4-3-3 record. The team posted two wins and two ties in its last four regulation games, but finished one point shy of playoffs.   Women’s coach Douglas Lawrie said he...

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Panel tackles free speech on campus

An event at Menno Simmons College comes following “racist” posters on North American campuses By: Keila DePape   The line between free speech and hate speech can sometimes be thin.   That’s one likely subject for a panel on Nov. 13 at Menno Simmons College.   “We figured it would be a discussion to have because we haven’t really a seen an event like this before here,” said Mia Ryder-Marks, chair of the Global College Student Advisory Council.   Monday’s panel titled “Freedom of Speech Within Safe Spaces” may be a first for this student group, but Canadian colleges...

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Performance in paint

 Wall-to-Wall 2017 in photos BY: JENNIFER PAZDOR   EN MASSE (meaning “as a whole”) mural by artists, Jason Botkin, MC Baldassari, Takashi Iawasaki, Jade Rennie-Harper, Storm Angeconeb, Matea Radic, and Jay Cabredo. A collaborative mural in Winnipeg’s North End on Main Street added for Wall-to-Wall in September 2017. Mural Nibaa, by artist Mike Valcourt, on the public safety building in the Exchange District. The piece is dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was fully unveiled on Sept. 30, 2017. Displayed at the Wall-to-Wall: place no place event at LANTERN is a piece by Katherine Boyer...

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Why I swiped left on you

BY JESSICA SEBURN Love is a fickle thing. For the last 5 years I have bounced from dating site to dating app, trying to figure out why someone as delightful as me can’t seem to find “the one”. I don’t know what else I could do differently. I spent 500 dollars on boudoir photos. And I am still not batting at 100 per cent. How is that possible? Five. Hundred. Dollars. I think the best approach is to just keep trucking on. I refuse to delete dating apps because I’m pretty sure prince/princess Charming is just one more finger-flick...

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 NUIT BLANCHE 2017 IN PHOTOS BY ALLY SIGURDSON   The Neon Factory was crowded with viewers from the moment it opened on September 30. People from all over Winnipeg came to say goodbye to the building before it closes down for good. Stephen Wasylenko, 25, and Tessa Gauthier, 22, took the tour through the Neon Graveyard during Nuit Blanche. “This will be my first and last time in this building,” said Gauthier. The Neon Factory showcased it’s beautiful and bizarre pieces, lighting up the building in a sea of bright colours. Friends Kalena, Rebekah and Janna took part in...

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