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Dancing Noodle Chef to Teach Signature Technique at RRC

Chef Xiaofei Zuo has been dazzling people with his mesmerizing noodle pulling technique, and it’s about to be your turn BY Noah Cote and Ally Sigurdson     The bubbling blurps of a gallon pot steams stovetop inside the kitchen of Pembina Highway’s Dancing Noodle restaurant, where just across the room Xiaofei Zuo rakes his stainless-steel scraper over the surface of his noodle-pulling station the same way he does every morning for hours before the restaurant opens.   Zuo’s noodles must be fresh to serve.   “Each customer gets their own noodle,” says Zuo. “It takes longer, but it tastes better this way.”   He sprinkles his surface with a baking flour to make sure nothing sticks. He pulls an arm-sized lump of raw dough from its bag and thwomps it down to create an even chunk. A smile flashes across his face as he kneads and plays with it, stretching and spinning it over and over. In just 10 days he’ll teach his noodle-knowledge to attendees at Red River College’s Culinary Workshop, aptly titled, “Noodle Pulling Workshop 1: Dough.”   “I’m very excited,” says Zuo. “People are very interested in my dough. Now  people can learn for real.”   Originally from China, Zuo moved to Winnipeg in 2011 and went on to graduate from Red River College’s Baking and Patisserie program. In 2015, he opened Dancing Noodle and...

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Sharing Stories Behind Bars

Fundraiser connecting incarcerated Manitobans with books By Caitlyn Gowriluk   Jacquie Nicholson opens the trunk of her car, where boxes of donated books sit piled high in preparation for a book drive in support of incarcerated Manitobans and their families.   Nicholson has organized the annual event – which collects books for the Winnipeg Remand Centre, the Headingley Correctional Centre, the Women’s Correctional Centre in Headingley and The Pas Correctional Centre – since it began in 2016.   “Almost everyone that I’ve ever met in jail has said, ‘I would love to get more education, I would love to...

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