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Students sum it up

Reacting to Winnipeg’s race-relations talks JENNIFER DOERKSEN, CONTRIBUTOR  After the crowds dissolved and The Forks cleared out, Winnipeggers were left with the messages from last month’s race-relations summits. So what did they hear? “The problem with race relations in this city is that there are not enough opportunities to have conversations that are in safe spaces,” said Lenard Monkman, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO) leader. “I think that’s the most important thing going forward, to create that safe space for dialogue or create those opportunities to educate each other.” One: The Mayor’s National Summit on Racial Inclusion was at the Canadian Museum...

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Transit security

News report sparks bus safety discussion ERIN DEBOOY, NEWS EDITOR  As Tannis Miller watched a 16-inch butcher knife fall onto the sidewalk, her sense of security was shattered. When police threw a man who was carrying the blade from the bus, Miller said it was a dose of reality. “I was just so naïve about it,” Miller said. “I’d heard about dangers downtown and such, but I never really thought about it.” It was almost a year ago that Miller was catching the 14 at a busy stop downtown during rush hour. She said as she waited, a man in the...

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Screening ‘Reel’ stories

Queer film festival celebrates 30 years JOY K. BALMANA, CONTRIBUTOR  This 30th anniversary of the Reel Pride Film Festival wants to get you out of your Netflix binge and into award-winning films you won’t see anywhere else. President and volunteer, Jason Van Rooy, 37, has been attending Reel Pride since coming out 22 years ago. At the time, he said there wasn’t much access to gay and lesbian media arts. “Reel Pride stories spoke to me,” he said. “It was never on TV, and at the time there was no Netflix or HBO available.” To get you out of your Grey’s...

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History by design

Costume exhibit shows past influences on fashion RACHEL CARLSON, BEAT REPORTER  Bits of metal wedged between wooden floorboards glimmer under fluorescent lights. They’re evidence of Winnipeg’s once-thriving garment industry, said Maralyn MacKay “When a sewing needle broke or got dull, the workers would throw them on the floor,” said the long-time Costume Museum of Canada volunteer. “That’s how you know this was a garment factory.” The one-time factory at 296 McDermot Ave. is now home to the museum’s Fabricating Fashion: How production changed our clothes. The exhibit, on now until Oct. 23, showcases items from the museum’s 35,000-piece collection. Gowns, trousers...

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Badger digs into downtown

Local barista gets the wheels turning for future storefront BAILEE WOODS, CONTRIBUTOR  Although his customers are always on-the-go, Brock Peters wants to bring his coffee cart to a halt. Peters is the owner of The Strong Badger Coffeehouse, a mobile coffee cart he has been trekking around downtown Winnipeg since summer. While he’s garnered attention this way, Peters said he wants to take his business into an actual store. Looking to combine his day job of selling books and weekend job of selling coffee, Peters has launched an Indiegogo campaign to make this a reality. “My interests really lay in music...

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