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Fresh food down the block for RRC Exchange District students

By Geralyn Wichers There’s a culinary school serving food just down the road from Red River College’s Roblin Centre, but you wouldn’t know it by the Tim Hortons lineup. Yes, a culinary school. You know, the sort of place where they teach people to cook things with skillets and saucepans and port-wine reductions, not microwaves. The Culinary Exchange at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute sells things like Cantonese Chicken Chow Mein, and Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken with mango salad, but many students have never been there. Cody Cabers, a Graphic Design student, gets his lunch “at the only place in...

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Trade classrooms offer more than meets the eye

By Marlon LaForte Trades training is a growing educational sector, and Red River College has stepped up to the plate offering newer and better facilities on campus to prepare students for the workforce. Refrigeration, plumbing, carpentry and electrical are just some of the many trades offered by Red River College. Each trade offers unique classroom space using innovative design.  Classrooms are designed to make learning as hands-on as possible to better prepare students for the challenges they may face in workplace environments. The Projector went to see what some of these spaces look...

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Deadline dispute halts construction on multi-million dollar RRC building project

RRC and federal government butt heads By Cody Zaporzan       A dispute over deadlines between the college and the federal government has halted construction on Red River College’s multi-million-dollar Exchange District campus expansion. The federal government has frozen a $40.6 million contribution for RRC’s construction of the new applied learning centre in the Exchange District — if the dispute isn’t resolved, the college won’t get the funding. On Tuesday, the college announced that it is putting construction of its new 100,000 square foot Innovation Centre on hold, as result of a disagreement with the federal government over what constitutes a reasonable timeline for competition of the project. To receive the money, the college had agreed to complete construction by November 30, 2018. According to RRC spokesperson Conor Lloyd, the main issue for RRC is that the agreement with the federal government was finalized near the end of June 2017, giving the college roughly 17 months to build the Innovation Centre. Lloyd said that despite a significant and aggressive amount of design and construction work completed, it’s not physically possible to finish construction of the $95.4 million building before the deadline and the federal government has been unwilling to grant an extension. “As a result, construction is on hold while the college continues to seek a resolution with the federal government,” said Lloyd. Shovels are already in the...

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Winnipeg’s coolest (snow) sculptures

Snow sculptures take over the streets during Festival du Voyageur By Jennifer Pazdor David Macnair’s sculpture of two voyageur heads sits at the corner of Provencher Blvd. and Saint Joseph Road. David Macnair’s sculpture of two voyageur heads looks out over Provencher Blvd. Snow sculpture outside of the Legislative Building in Winnipeg made by David Macnair. One of multiple ‘toque and boots’ snow sculptures on Provencher Blvd. signalling the Festival du Voyageur season. Broadway and Main Street snow sculpture by Denis Vrignon Tessler. The first part of the double snow sculpture Bird on a Wire made by Geertje Jacob,...

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RRC alum Hy’s first female executive chef

Reaching higher Hy’s By Jackson MacGillivray and Harris Gale  It’s 9 a.m. and new executive chef, Jackie Hildebrand, flicks on the lights in the basement prep area of Hy’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar. She has just received her first food shipment of the day and has two more to go. In the next five hours, she needs to sign the invoices for the next shipments, organize the schedule for the upcoming weeks, and prep for food service this evening which includes a reservation of over 50 guests. This is how Hildebrand’s days start now. She was recently promoted to executive...

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