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The Battle to stay relevant

A look at the popular social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat battle for your attention By Jeremy Morantz While the threat of international war may be looming, the battle inside our smartphones is in full force. Data analysis firm Experian Information Solutions released a study that indicates over 98 percent of college students actively use at least one social media network. Top social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat are constantly competing for the attention of the college demographic. These two popular social media apps constantly rival each other for the greater number of monthly active users. As it stands, Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is outperforming Snapchat in monthly active users. According to data from Omnicore Agency and Statista, Instagram has garnered 800 million monthly active users as of late 2017, while Snapchat holds over 300 million monthly active users. Students at Red River College suspect Instagram’s current stronghold could be due to the social media app’s recent edition of Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories are a controversial addition to the platform, some believing that Instagram unfairly stole Snapchat’s famed feature, My Story. “I actually don’t use Snapchat at all anymore,” said Ginger Enns, a 19-year-old Graphic Design student at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus. “I feel like I only use it for the texting now ‘cause with Instagram adding Stories now Snapchat kind of fell off.” In...

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ShanleyFest honours underdogs

Master Playwright Festival to feature works by Pulitzer-prize winning writer John Patrick Shanley BY GRAEME HOUSSIN This year’s Master Playwright Festival is giving theatregoers a glimpse into the lives of the downtrodden and out-of-place by honouring the dramatic works of John Patrick Shanley. Shanley, an Irish-American playwright and screenwriter, is one of only two other artists to win a Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar and a Tony Award. “Shanley gives voice to the misfit as he explores community, family, and the search for love within the magic forces surrounding us,” said festival producer Chuck McEwen. “He asks who are we? On what am I built?” The Master Playwright Festival, an annual theatre event, was created in 2001 by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. Every year the festival honours a playwright whose work may not be known to a Winnipeg audience. This year’s festival, dubbed ShanleyFest after its chosen honouree, will feature 11 full productions by Winnipeg theatre companies as well as two play readings, three films and two lectures, all about or written by Shanley. One of Shanley’s earlier plays, Savage in Limbo, is being produced by Vault Projects. It features an all-female cast of five characters in a Bronx bar, bored with their monotonous lives. “There’s a real ambivalence and moral ambiguity in this play that’s really familiar to me as a young person in today’s world,” said Frances Koncan,...

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EDC attracts film industry to Manitoba

Red River College’s Exchange District Campus a popular choice in Manitoba’s bustling film industry BY ALYSSA ETSELL — BEAT REPORTER   The Manitoba film industry is booming, and Red River College’s Exchange District Campus’ vintage façade is playing a part in its success. The classic aesthetic of the RRC Exchange District Campus’ Princess Street Building makes it a desirable film set for production companies worldwide. “The Exchange District is a really attractive area for films all over the world,” said Ginny Collins, communications and marketing director at Manitoba Film and Music. “The turn-of-the-century buildings serves to double as Chicago.”...

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Hot Beverage Week

Photo Essay by Jenn Walker  Red River College Roblin Centre students were treated last week to a selection of specialty hot beverages being served at various cafes, pubs, and restaurants in the historical Exchange District. Hot Beverage Week in the Exchange ran fro Dec. 8 – Dec. 15, 2017 at various participating venues. Miss Browns, Forth Cafe, Across the Board Game Cafe and Bronuts are just a few of the 13 participating venues. Each venue has curated a specialty hot beverage for the week, in competition with the other participants.              ...

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Cooking Inclusively

Culinary graduate Sharon Steward writes cookbook for community cooking By Harris Gale   Sharon Steward has been cooking her whole life.  Steward grew up on a grain farm in Oak Bluff, where growing and harvesting wheat was an everyday activity.  She has worked in a number of high profile restaurants in Winnipeg and Calgary, and graduated from the Red River College culinary arts program in 2002. Steward currently serves as head chef at InterVersity Pioneer Camp Manitoba, and has just released a cookbook titled Volume: Cooking for a Community. Steward has achieved all of this while living with several...

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