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Ubisoft Enters the Game

Ubisoft’s Winnipeg arrival creates jobs for RRC 3D Computer Graphics and BIT students BY Luke Rempel   Some Red River College students and grads could be working at a world-renowned video-game company in Winnipeg this fall.   Ubisoft announced on Friday, April 6, it will be opening a studio in Winnipeg that will create 100 jobs over the next five years — many of which could go to RRC grads from the Business Information Technology and 3D Computer Graphics programs.   “Oh my god. It’s very exciting,” said Ryan Seradilla, a 3D Computer Graphics student graduating this year. “A...

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Bassment Hits the Exchange District

Monthly Electronic Dance Night Debuts at 216 McDermot Ave. BY William Rhoda   Fans of dance music rejoice, and enemies of noise pollution despair: Bassment just landed in the Exchange District. On Friday night, the bass could be heard thumping down three blocks of Albert St.   After a one-month hiatus, the monthly electronic dance night found a new home at Footw3rk Dance Club at 216 McDermot Ave.   “Music stays the same. It’s just a new venue,” said Steven Ngo, 28, who deejays as Haus of Panda. “We’re excited to play this room. It’s probably got the best sound...

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Indigenous teachings empowering women

Women’s Medicine Wheel teachings at Red River College By Samantha Don Elder Mae Louise Campbell opens the door to an empty room in the Red River College (RRC) Exchange District campus. No one has shown up to her teaching on the Women’s Medicine Wheel. “These teachings are crucial because of what has happened historically,” said Campbell, an advocate in Indigenous forms of women’s healing. “But no one decided to show up today.” Campbell has held teaching sessions at RRC, with little to no attendance, to teach female staff and students about the Women’s Medicine Wheel and how it can...

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Fresh food down the block for RRC Exchange District students

By Geralyn Wichers There’s a culinary school serving food just down the road from Red River College’s Roblin Centre, but you wouldn’t know it by the Tim Hortons lineup. Yes, a culinary school. You know, the sort of place where they teach people to cook things with skillets and saucepans and port-wine reductions, not microwaves. The Culinary Exchange at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute sells things like Cantonese Chicken Chow Mein, and Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken with mango salad, but many students have never been there. Cody Cabers, a Graphic Design student, gets his lunch “at the only place in...

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