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RRCSA Elections start, candidates provide statements

Traditionally, The Projector ran advertisements in the paper with statements from candidates for positions on the Red River College Students’ Association. Now that the publication is online-only, we’ve decided to run the statements from the candidates on our website: Lauren Slegers — re-running for president “If re-elected as President of the Red River College Students’ Association, I hope to continue to apply my motivation, dedication, and experience to all student matters, ensuring that every student will get the most out of their time at Red River College. I am very proud of what I have accomplished during my past year as President, and I plan to continue to build on that strong foundation in the coming year. The relationships and connections that I have made throughout Red River College and the community will allow me to continue to enhance and improve not only the student experience but the organization of the RRCSA as a whole. Whether it be through a seat on the Board of Governors, sitting on various college committees, or relationships that I have made outside of my presidency, I have the network that I need to continue to make change for Red River College Students. I will ensure that the voices of the students are constantly being brought forward and heard by the appropriate parties. I have a number of internal projects and initiatives that I plan to...

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Trade classrooms offer more than meets the eye

By Marlon LaForte Trades training is a growing educational sector, and Red River College has stepped up to the plate offering newer and better facilities on campus to prepare students for the workforce. Refrigeration, plumbing, carpentry and electrical are just some of the many trades offered by Red River College. Each trade offers unique classroom space using innovative design.  Classrooms are designed to make learning as hands-on as possible to better prepare students for the challenges they may face in workplace environments. The Projector went to see what some of these spaces look...

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RRC students make the virtual a reality

By Caitlyn Gowriluk A group of Red River College (RRC) students is working to create two escape rooms at the Exchange District campus that incorporate both physical and virtual reality elements. The project is a collaborative effort between students from across several programs at RRC, including digital media design, 3D computer graphics and business information technology, and will follow a time travel narrative. “The story is a college instructor has gone missing in time with the students,” said 3D computer graphics instructor Tom Lepp. “You have to play the escape room to find clues to where they went.” In...

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Federal budget affects students, but some seem apathetic

By Kelsey Marcotte The 2018 federal budget was released in late February by the Liberal government and some students in Winnipeg are uninformed of the changes it could bring to their lives at home and at school. Aimee Leskiw, an Asper Business and University of Manitoba student said she isn’t very familiar with the budget or any of its policies. “I don’t pay for my school, so I don’t really pay attention to that stuff,” Leskiw said. “I like the summer job digital platform idea, but that was my only real take-away from it.” The budget focuses on preventing...

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Projector’s top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Destinations

By Anders Giesbrecht This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday. That means you don’t have to worry about writing an exam in the morning, or handing in any of the many projects your instructors decided to drop on you in the twilight of the semester. For some students, St. Patrick’s Day can’t come soon enough. Eva Hanson is studying Early Childhood Education at RRC and she’s just one of many students looking forward to the celebrations. “I can’t wait to dress up with green leis, hats, glasses and go out with friends,” said Hanson. Cole Alexander, a Civil Engineering Technology student, has something else green on his mind. “I’m looking forward to being able to unwind, relax and drink some green beers,” said Alexander. Don’t know where to go on March 17? We’ve got you covered. Here are The Projector’s top five places to spend St. Patrick’s Day. The King’s Head Pub and Eatery The British-themed pub seems like an obvious place to spend the night. This year, Dust Rhinos will be playing their Irish-Canadian Celtic punk all night, starting at 6p.m. Signature Irish menu items such as beef and Guinness stew, potato and leek soup, patty melts, and Irish whiskey will be on five dollar special. Celebrations officially kick-off at 6 p.m. with last call at 2 a.m. 2. Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery You can...

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