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Bassment Hits the Exchange District

Monthly Electronic Dance Night Debuts at 216 McDermot Ave. BY William Rhoda   Fans of dance music rejoice, and enemies of noise pollution despair: Bassment just landed in the Exchange District. On Friday night, the bass could be heard thumping down three blocks of Albert St.   After a one-month hiatus, the monthly electronic dance night found a new home at Footw3rk Dance Club at 216 McDermot Ave.   “Music stays the same. It’s just a new venue,” said Steven Ngo, 28, who deejays as Haus of Panda. “We’re excited to play this room. It’s probably got the best sound...

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Earth Hour at RRC

By Jonathan Wade The Red River College Students’ Association is encouraging students to participate in powering down all electricity for Earth Hour on Saturday, March 24. The Students’ Association is having students sign up for a pledge that will have them power down between 8:30-9:30 PM on Saturday. For taking the pledge, students are entered to win a series of different prizes, given by the Sustainability Committee in the Students’ Association. Laura Hnatiuk, who works in the sustainability office at Red River College says the prizes go hand in hand with Earth Hour. “The prizes are different board games,...

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College creates carpentry opportunities in remote communities

By Noah Cote In September of 2017, Red River College provided skilled trades training in Lake Manitoba First Nation, including a carpentry apprenticeship program to help bring new infrastructure building and working opportunities to students in the community. Three months later, eleven students completed it — students like 21-year-old Savannah McLean, who joined the program after a push from a family member. “There was a post about it on Facebook, that’s how I found out about it,” says McLean. “My dad, he works on houses himself, and he told me to go for it.” McLean completed the 12-week carpentry...

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Student Association in-person voting starts

By Will Reimer In-person voting for this year’s Student Association executive council began today, although online voting has been available since March 23. “We’ve been pretty steady, sometimes two or three people voting at a time” said Chief Returning Officer, Marge Pfaff, who is overseeing the three voting booths at the Exchange District campus. “Possibly a little slower than last year because we had the referendum on the U-Pass last year.” The four candidates were confirmed by the Student’s Association last week, and for the first time in at least eight years, all four positions are running uncontested. The candidates are Lauren Slegers for President, Kelsey Gillespie for VP Academic, Joshua Roopchand for VP Internal, and Alex Hartung for VP External. All are re-running for the same role as last year except for Roopchand, the only newcomer. Since there’s only one candidate for each position, students will simply be casting a yes/no vote. Although it has never happened, if a candidate were to receive more “no” votes, the SA board would appoint someone to fill the positon. The candidates’ positioning statements were posted online last Monday and have since appeared around campus. First year Commerce Industry Sales and Marketing student, Brittany Bauchamp, said she looked up the candidates before casting her vote on Monday. “We talked about the election briefly in class, then I went online to see what...

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Fresh food down the block for RRC Exchange District students

By Geralyn Wichers There’s a culinary school serving food just down the road from Red River College’s Roblin Centre, but you wouldn’t know it by the Tim Hortons lineup. Yes, a culinary school. You know, the sort of place where they teach people to cook things with skillets and saucepans and port-wine reductions, not microwaves. The Culinary Exchange at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute sells things like Cantonese Chicken Chow Mein, and Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken with mango salad, but many students have never been there. Cody Cabers, a Graphic Design student, gets his lunch “at the only place in...

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