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Champions on the cheap

Creating an MLB winner now requires cleverness, not just capital By Declan Schroeder Everyone loves a sports underdog story — it’s one of the most popular tropes around. There’s no better feeling than witnessing the disadvantaged, put-upon team full of everymen triumph over the seemingly insurmountable, heavily-favoured, elitist monolith. Take that, Team Iceland! Suck it, Globo Gym! The good guys won! We’re starting to see this play out in Major League Baseball, except it’s not Gordon Bombay’s scrappy squad or Peter LaFleur’s ragtag crew claiming crowns. It’s teams with middling, even modest, payrolls. Over the last few years, World Series winning organizations have proven it takes more than cold hard cash to make a terrific team. The era of buying your way to the top in the MLB is over. The MLB has no salary cap and the disparity between teams’ spending can be in the hundreds of millions. This year, for example, the Los Angeles Dodgers spent $155-million on player salaries while the Milwaukee Brewers spent just $50-million. In the past, whoever had lots of lucre had a good chance of blowing everyone else out of the water. The team guiltiest of ‘paying to win’ is the New York Yankees — the “Evil Empire” had the highest payroll during their last five championships in 1996, ‘98, ’99, 2000, and ’09. The strategy was simple. Offer a good player...

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Honouring transgender victims of violence

The Transgender Day of Remembrance globally memorializes transgender people killed by bigotry By Graeme Houssin — Contributor For Shandi Strong, this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony is about more than honouring lives – it’s about setting an example to save more in the future. “We have to tell these stories,” said Strong, coordinator and chair of the Winnipeg Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony. “There are people in the world that are not as fortunate as we are in Canada. We can stand up and advocate for them, and make a difference.” On Nov. 20, members and allies of...

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A turbulent October for Jets

Jets not soaring quite yet, but the plane’s in the air by Declan Schroeder It seemed a lot of Winnipeg Jets fans were ready to recline their seats, unlatch their tray tables, and take off their seatbelts before the plane actually reached cruising altitude this season. If you were expecting the Jets to coast smoothly from the start of the 82-game regular season all the way to a Stanley Cup victory, you’d better buckle back up. This is your captain speaking: We’ve hit some turbulence. It hasn’t been a bad first month for the Jets, who hold a 6-3-2 record, but it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride at times. The Jets have asked fans to “rise together” this season. The question remains, however: Will the team? Do they have the right fuel to reach the playoffs, the ultimate destination the pilots of the organization have been teasing for years now? General manager Kevin Cheveldayoff did his best to fuel up the Jets in the offseason. He addressed what seemed to be the most pressing needs for his club, adding goaltender Steve Mason and defenceman Dimitry Kulikov through free agency. With a healthy defence, oodles of scoring talent, and a bevy of bottom-six depth players, you can forgive Jets fans if they thought there would be no problems getting this plane off the ground. It’s clear now, however...

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Maintaining friendships in college

Don’t fret — make friends BY JESSICA SEBURN College keeps us busy, but it’s important to have a balance between work and fun. Maintaining friendships doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some hot tips and tricks for making it work: Make a group chat! Let every buzz and beep remind you that you are failing your most cherished relationships. Pretend you’re taking long dumps so that you have time to cobble together a message that reeks of insecurity. A stank even more powerful more than the toilet you have been hiding in for eight minutes.   Plan an afternoon of manicures and pedicures with the gals. Google “nail salon infections”. Become overwhelmed with anxiety and revulsion. Look at your bank account. Realize there are things more horrifying than fungal infections.   Tag your friends in hilarious memes. Forget what their laughter sounds like.   Tell your friends you will do anything for them. Except drive anywhere (no car), eat anything besides Pizza Bite (Pizza King also has stellar deals), or give up any time allotted to doing homework (5 p.m. to 5 a.m.)   Question what you ever provided to your friends to begin with.   Realize you have nothing but emojis to give.   Be completely absent from their lives until dramatic life events occur. Watch your friend’s baby crown, stare into the abyss. Comfort during funerals...

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BY MELISSA HANSEN Actress Alyssa Milano asked that women who have experienced sexual harassment or assault come forward by saying #MeToo. At first, I didn’t want to join in. I didn’t want people to look at me and wonder what I had experienced. I didn’t want my parents reading it and worrying. I didn’t want future employers reading it and thinking differently of me.  But then, it came to me. The point of #metoo is so that people do see it. People see it and start making changes. So, here’s my story, well, one of them. Two years ago, I woke up after a party on my friend’s couch. I woke up to one of my good friends on top on me.  I didn’t know what to do, as I was half asleep. I got up, went to the washroom and sat in there panicking. I worked up enough courage to leave and I went and laid down in the spare room.  He followed. He started trying to cuddle me. I said this can’t happen. His response “But it feels so good.” I made an excuse to get up and leave. I texted my friend whose house it was because she was still asleep and told her something had happened and to text me when she woke up. I went straight to my best friend’s house. He greeted me...

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