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Extensive Mental Health Resources Available at RRC

By Jennifer Pazdor Learning to manage mental health while putting full focus on school work can be challenging, but students need to be able to take care of themselves to put out the best quality of work they possibly can.   That’s part of the reason why Red River College (RRC) created the initiative Healthy Minds Healthy College to provide a community of support for the well-being of students. Parts of this initiative include the online resource, Mind It!, which helps students get the help and resources they need, and Red River ReliefLine, a 24-hour emotional support service. RRC is also collaborating with the Students Association to hold THRIVE Week from Nov. 6 to 10 to focus on four parts of self-care — relaxation, self-expression, physical activity, and social connection. “The aim is to provide opportunities for students and staff to engage in these forms of self-care,” said mental health coordinator Breanna Sawatzky. “[It’s to] encourage students to continue doing things that support their wellbeing after THRIVE Week has passed.” RRC also offers counselling services and other resources to struggling students. The student benefit plan also offers $1000 of coverage for psychological services. According to Laureen Janzen, manager of counselling and accessibility Services, over 1300 students, about 12 per cent of the total student body, connected with mental services over the 2016-2017 year. This was an increase from the...

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Temperatures Gone Awry

Changing temperatures at the Exchange District Campus affecting student life By Alyssa Etsell The varying temperatures in many classrooms at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus have some students taking extra measures to be comfortable. “I wear two jackets to class,” Shae Tuomi, a Digital Media Design student, said of one of her classrooms in the Adelaide building. Other classrooms have students wishing they wore shorts. Alexis Brandt, a Business Administration student, said one of her classes was cancelled because the room was so hot. “[We] got to class and the instructor said, ‘Don’t worry guys. I’m going to make this fast because you can’t work in here,’” says Brandt. But last week she had an exam in the same room and said it was so cold she had to wear her jacket — something she does often in the school. “It’s rare that I’ll be completely comfortable in a room,” she said. It’s hot in some areas, and unbearably cold in others — so what’s going on? “EDC plays host to roughly 5,000 staff and students on a daily basis,” Conor Lloyd said on behalf of RRC in an email Wednesday. “It’s very common at large institutions like Red River College that some people may find the spaces too warm or too cold.” Lloyd said the college works hard to make sure that room temperatures are comfortable for...

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SpaRRCky hits a speed bump

RRC Mechanical Engineering Team Will Finish Battery-Powered Car Despite Being Shortlisted for Race By Noah Cote Bright fluorescent lights shine down on tables piled with wrenches, wheels, and batteries inside the mechanics shop at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus. A student in a grey ball cap and safety glasses dashes from table to table, picking up items and explaining what they are and what they do. He approaches a table in the back corner of the shop and starts tugging at a giant bag that’s vacuum sealed around a black carbon fibre object that looks like an upside-down...

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