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Learning the Language – A look at RRC’s new Anishinaabemowin language program

By Devon Shewchuk Corey Whitfield became one of the first people to teach an Indigenous language course at Red River College after his first class began on April 14. Whitfield is a teaching assistant for the Anishinaabemowin Language and Culture Level Two course offered by Red River College. “I’m Anishinaabe. I’m Indigenous. It’s really important to be a person of the language, and that’s what motivates me to be an instructor and continue the language. I want to develop a teaching style that includes pre-existing resources, like history books and teaching guides, and then add my own fluency and experiences to that,” says Whitfield. This class (and its Level One prerequisite) are the first of their kind at Red River College. The courses are designed for K-12 educators in the province, or anyone with an interest in learning more about Manitoba’s traditional Anishinaabemowin languages, culture, and history. Rebecca Chartrand, RRC’s Executive Director of Indigenous Strategy, says the courses were created to help support the growth of Indigenous language revitalization in Manitoba’s schools and advance reconciliation efforts in the province. Chartrand says her department found instructors such as Whitfield, who grew up speaking Anishinaabemowin at home, through her department’s strong ties with the Indigenous community. “We responded to a need by the community to fill in a gap. This course provides opportunities for educators in the province to learn to...

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HOW RRC’S CO-OP EDUCATION PROGRAM IS HELPING GRADS GET JOBS By Aimee Souka We’re fast approaching the end of the winter term. You’ve almost done it; you’re so close now. Soon enough, you get to go out and make some money, a chance for you make a name for yourself in your industry. But, the question remains. How on earth are you supposed to do that? “Well, the college helps a lot with getting our foot into the door in whatever area we’re looking at, especially if it’s somewhere in the city,” said Madyson Olson, 19, a second-year graphic...

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BY Jennifer Pazdor The Stevenson Campus, located near the airport, is Red River College’s home for aviation and aerospace. There are about 200 students in the four programs offered at this campus including the Apprentice Maintenance Journeyperson Program, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), Introduction to Airspace Maintenance, and Aerospace Manufacturing along with 12 speciality courses. The Stevenson Campus works closely with industry professionals to educate their students. It has a hangar full of smaller planes and keep larger planes outside for students to get hands-on practice. The campus applies to get new equipment and sometimes aircrafts are donated....

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Local CEO Shares Business Insights: Do’s and Don’ts

5 Tips to Success By: William Ludwick A CEO of a local multi-million-dollar business has insider tips for graduating Red River College business students. His first golden rule is to put in the extra effort. “People see passion,” said Jamie Aitkenhead, CEO of Perfect Pierogies Limited, in Garson, MB. “If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to make your business successful, nobody will do it for you.”   His other four tips are to be honest, to surround yourself with experts, to never stop learning and to be patient.   Aitkenhead spent five years at...

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Rogers Hometown Hockey tour skates into Winnipeg

The Forks hosted the family fun festival Dec. 2-3 By: Spencer Broesky Winnipeg hockey fans brought their puck handling skills to the concrete this weekend in search of a game-winning goal. The Rogers Hometown Hockey tour made its ninth of twenty-fourth stop at The Forks on Saturday and Sunday, drawing crowds from the hockey community around Manitoba. Sportsnet hosts Ron MacLean and Tara Slone were the familiar faces hosting the festival and interviewing players, such as: Kris King who played for the Winnipeg Jets from 1992 to 1996, and Paul MacLean – a former NHL coach and player. From a...

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