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New App Keeping RRC Students in the Loop

RRC WORKS WITH STUDENTS TO LAUNCH HELPFUL APP BY CAITLYN GOWRILUK What you need to know about Red River College can now be found in one place. Red River College recently launched a new web app that features school social media feeds, campus events, job postings and more for students to easily access. The RRC Life app is available on all devices and browsers. It officially launched on Aug. 31. The product came from a partnership between RRC and students in the college’s Business Information Technology (BIT) program. Christian Robin, RRC’s Director of Marketing and Web Presence, said the six-month partnership with the BIT program is what ensured that RRC Life would have features that are useful for students. “What was great about working with those students is that we did a lot of the research [with them], because the target audience was students,” Robin said. RRC Life compiles several features that already exist on the RRC website, including social media feeds, campus security information, and the job postings page. The app also has several new components, including a campus events page and an updated maps feature for all RRC campuses. Dylan Murray, a student at RRC, is one of the app’s early users. “I like to be involved socially with the college. I think making friends is a huge part of the college experience,” Murray said. As a...

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Clubs for Everyone

RRC OFFERING A WIDE RANGE OF CLUBS FOR STUDENTS BY JACKSON MACGILLIVRAY Red River students looking to have fun and meet people from other faculties may have just found the perfect opportunity. Club Days at Red River College took place earlier this month. Students had the opportunity to join a wide variety of clubs. From comic books to ping pong, there was no shortage of clubs for students to choose from. But one club seemed to sit in the spotlight this year: Dungeons and Dragons. “(Dungeons and Dragons) was extremely popular this year,” said Student Association board member, Kristie Matheson. “Most clubs are usually hit or miss,” she said. “The whole reason for clubs is to do something that is of interest to you and still be a part of the school.” Digital Media Design student, Danny High, joined the Dungeons and Dragons club to be involved at school. High has been an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for almost five years now and is eagerly anticipating the start of the club. High has primarily played with the same D&D group since his introduction to the game. He described how the dynamic of the group can be completely thrown off by just one person, and can ruin the game entirely. “If everyone is serious and one person is joking,” said High. “It throws off the dynamic. It’s...

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Local Chefs Cook for a Cause

RRC GRADS IMPRESS IN KITCHEN KUMITE: CLASH OF PANS COMPETITION BY MAGGIE WYSOCKI The classic line “Let the battle begin,” from Food Network’s “Iron Chef “wasn’t only heard through TV screens this past weekend. Local judges were shouting it too but at some of Winnipeg’s hottest chefs — many being RRC alumni — during the first ever Kitchen Kumite: Clash of Pans competition on Sept. 24. The event was a fundraiser for CancerCare Manitoba. “There’s so much talent in the city and it’s only getting better. This is the first of its kind but it’s an awesome way for chefs to show off,” said Alan Pineda, an RRC Culinary Arts grad from 2006 who created the event. The inspiration for Pineda’s brainchild came from seeing how the restaurant industry in Winnipeg has evolved over the years and how so many of the city’s chefs are RRC alumni. “There’s definitely a standard the College sets for us and kitchens love seeing that,” he said during Sunday night’s event as chefs duked it out behind him at Donald Street’s Kitchen Sync. The four-round competition heated up quickly and a total of 16 chefs took over the ovens, creating on-the-fly dishes from locally sourced ingredients. Eight of the competing chefs were RRC culinary grads who now work at what Pineda calls the the city’s “trendiest restaurants,” like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights’...

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