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A Healthy Dose of Body Positivity for Students

BODY IMAGE IMPROVEMENT WORKSHOPS COMING BACK TO RRC CAMPUSES BY LAUREL JOHANSON Stress, debt and lack of sleep may be the most well-known student problems, but an upcoming series of workshops at Red River College look to shine a light on an issue equally damaging to students’ health: negative body image. “It’s a big issue for women,” said Pamela Rosen, a counsellor at RRC’s Exchange District Campus. “In counselling, we see it come up a lot. We see it in men too.” Rosen is one of the facilitators of the Body Image Improvement Workshops that will again be taking place at RRC’s Notre Dame and Exchange District Campuses on April 10 and 12. The workshops are open to female and non-binary students struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction with their bodies and were previously held this past January. “It’s a great opportunity for participants to come together,” said Rosen. “We do a lot of work with critically analyzing where images of the thin ideal come from, and who’s profiting from these images.” The workshops were developed through an American program called the Body Project. According to its website, the Body Project is a “dissonance-based acceptance intervention designed to help high school and college-age women resist sociocultural pressure to conform to the thin ideal and reduce their pursuit of thinness.” American facilitators from the Body Project visited Winnipeg last year and...

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Security Woes Continue at The Roblin Centre

STUDENTS DISAPPOINTED WITH SECURITY AFTER INCIDENT ON CAMPUS BY KATHERINE IVEY   A loud clatter rang through the atrium as a man who had just spent the last seven minutes screaming in the middle of campus stood next to a metal chair he had just thrown to the ground. On Wednesday, November 15 at 1:31 p.m., a man walked into The Roblin Centre and started screaming the name Stephanie repeatedly.   He clumsily walked around the Atrium before entering the girl’s washroom.   “He kept yelling ‘Where’s Stephanie?,’ and slamming the stall doors,” said Aimee Souka, 18, a student...

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Students Need to Make Time for Games

TAKE A BREAK AT ACROSS THE BOARD CAFE BY: MADDY GRANT Canadian students are stressed. A 2013 survey by The Globe and Mail found almost 90 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students feel overwhelmed by their workload.   Students are trying to balance health, finance, relationships, academics, and everything in between. With such busy workloads, students are putting time for socializing and fun on hold.   “I feel burned out all the time,” said Mykila Paquette, a 21-year-old Business Administration student at Red River College.   Paquette says she often puts schoolwork ahead of other aspects of her life....

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Documentary Film Festival Celebrates its Ninth Year

LOCAL FILMMAKERS SHOW THEIR WORK IN THE EXCHANGE DISTRICT BY: LAUREL JOHANSON A documentary film festival celebrating its ninth year in Winnipeg officially kicked off its program on Wednesday Nov. 1. Gimme Some Truth is a film festival being produced by the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG) and is taking place in the heart of the Exchange District Nov. 1-5 at 100 Arthur Street, main floor Cinematheque.   The festival’s opening night activities included screenings of documentaries and a reception at Cordova Tapas & Wine afterward. Later in the week, Gimme Some Truth is also offering lectures, panels, and workshops for aspiring filmmakers and film buffs alike.   Among the films screened on opening night was Tales From the Winnipeg Film Group (Tales). The film is co-directed by Red River College Creative Communications alumnus David Barber, who graduated in 1982 and is now the Programming Coordinator at WFG. Tales tells the story of the WFG’s humble beginnings in 1974 all the way to its present-day identity as a hub for independent filmmaking across Canada. According to Barber, the film took over two years to make.   “For me, the ultimate point of this film is that great filmmaking is happening here (in Winnipeg),” said Barber at a Q&A session after Wednesday night’s screening. “It’s been happening for years and we wanted to show a through-line.”   Tales found a fan...

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Waluigi Wins Costume Contest

  STUDENT LAUNCHES GOFUNDME PAGE TO WIN COSTUME CONTEST BY: TAYLOR FENN   Witches, skeletons and cartoon characters came to the Red River College’s Exchange District Campus to enter in this year’s Halloween costume contest on Oct. 31.   Shamus Osler, an Intro to Business Information Technology student, took home a pair of Manitoba Moose tickets for winning first place with his Waluigi costume — a popular character in Nintendo’s Mario franchise.   “A lot of my friends in my class were saying that I have the perfect body to be Waluigi because I’m tall and skinny,” said Osler. “I told them ‘If you really want me to dress up then buy me the costume and I’ll wear it to school’.”   Osler’s friends started a GoFundMe page at the beginning of October and raised $106 for the costume in two days.   Osler said he had no intention of winning the contest but decided to enter because he thought it would be fun.   “Halloween has a lot of good childhood memories for me because my family always went all out for it,” said Osler. “So I decided to just embrace it and wear the costume.”   This is the fourth-annual costume contest hosted by the Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA). Twenty-three students entered and the top three costumes were determined by RRCSA staff members.   Students...

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