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Making Vision Affordable for Students

MERON GEBRIT FLED HER WAR-TORN COUNTRY TO START BUSINESS IN DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG BY MAGGIE WYSOCKI In 2003, Meron Gebrit and her family fled their war-torn home — the northeast African country, Eritrea — in search of safety from the war that had been on-going since 1998.   For over a year, Gebrit lived with thousands of other displaced people in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Finally, she received sponsorship for a new home — Winnipeg.   Though it took some time to adapt to her new life, Gebrit says she quickly realized she wanted to do something that would...

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RRCSA Hosts Hockey at The Cube

RRCSA AND OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES PLAN TO HAVE VIEWING PARTIES AT THE CUBE IF THE JETS MAKE PLAYOFFS BY LUKE REMPEL Hundreds of excited hockey fans gathered at The Cube to watch the Winnipeg Jets home opener live on a 15-foot screen. The crowd’s enthusiasm slowly died as the Toronto Maple Leafs increased their lead over the Jets. The Jets ended up losing 7-2 to the Maple Leafs, but fans still enjoyed the outdoor event. The Exchange District Business Improvement Zone, RRC Student’s Association, Bodegoes, and King and Bannatyne collaborated to host the third annual Jets home opener at The Cube. They originally displayed the Jets home opener in the fall of 2015 with the hopes that it could become a spot for the city to come during the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Jets have not made the playoffs since the 2014-15 season. “It’s a great idea and a nice site for it.” said Tim Armstrong, member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. “I would totally come for the playoffs.” Nick Van Seggelen is a managing partner at Bodegoes and attended RRC for Business and Administration in 2007. Van Seggelen and Mike Del Buono, owner of King and Bannatyne came up with the idea for the event and approached the RRC Student’s Association. The RRCSA supplied the 15-foot screen and other equipment. “We were inspired by the big cities that...

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RRC Basketball is Headed to the USA

REBELS’ BASKETBALL PROGRAM JOINS NEW CONFERENCE BY ALYSSA ETSELL   Both the men’s and women’s basketball programs at Red River College are preparing for a new challenge this season. The Red River College Rebeles have joined the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NIAC). The NIAC is a league based out of the United States that is comprised of 10 teams from South Dakota, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Providence University College will also join the league this year. Despite the new league, both RRC teams will continue to play in the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC). The MCAC is now down to three teams: RRC, Providence and Canadian Mennonite University. “Student athletes in Manitoba will have a unique opportunity to be able to showcase their skills in three states and one province.,” said RRC athletic director Shane Ray in a press release. “Competing for both a Manitoba and NIAC Championship will add motivation for our teams as they strive for excellence. Scott Kirkpatrick, the head coach of the Rebels’ men’s team, is looking forward to seeing how his team plays against American competition. “I think it’s a good thing, really positive,” said Kirkpatrick. “One of our challenges with the three-team league [MCAC], you lose interest when you play the same teams too much.” The NIAC presents an exciting challenge for the the Rebels basketball program. Before losing in last year’s MCAC...

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New App Keeping RRC Students in the Loop

RRC WORKS WITH STUDENTS TO LAUNCH HELPFUL APP BY CAITLYN GOWRILUK What you need to know about Red River College can now be found in one place. Red River College recently launched a new web app that features school social media feeds, campus events, job postings and more for students to easily access. The RRC Life app is available on all devices and browsers. It officially launched on Aug. 31. The product came from a partnership between RRC and students in the college’s Business Information Technology (BIT) program. Christian Robin, RRC’s Director of Marketing and Web Presence, said the six-month partnership with the BIT program is what ensured that RRC Life would have features that are useful for students. “What was great about working with those students is that we did a lot of the research [with them], because the target audience was students,” Robin said. RRC Life compiles several features that already exist on the RRC website, including social media feeds, campus security information, and the job postings page. The app also has several new components, including a campus events page and an updated maps feature for all RRC campuses. Dylan Murray, a student at RRC, is one of the app’s early users. “I like to be involved socially with the college. I think making friends is a huge part of the college experience,” Murray said. As a...

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Clubs for Everyone

RRC OFFERING A WIDE RANGE OF CLUBS FOR STUDENTS BY JACKSON MACGILLIVRAY Red River students looking to have fun and meet people from other faculties may have just found the perfect opportunity. Club Days at Red River College took place earlier this month. Students had the opportunity to join a wide variety of clubs. From comic books to ping pong, there was no shortage of clubs for students to choose from. But one club seemed to sit in the spotlight this year: Dungeons and Dragons. “(Dungeons and Dragons) was extremely popular this year,” said Student Association board member, Kristie Matheson. “Most clubs are usually hit or miss,” she said. “The whole reason for clubs is to do something that is of interest to you and still be a part of the school.” Digital Media Design student, Danny High, joined the Dungeons and Dragons club to be involved at school. High has been an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for almost five years now and is eagerly anticipating the start of the club. High has primarily played with the same D&D group since his introduction to the game. He described how the dynamic of the group can be completely thrown off by just one person, and can ruin the game entirely. “If everyone is serious and one person is joking,” said High. “It throws off the dynamic. It’s...

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