Author: Ashlyn Peterson


One tweet started a movement, now RRC speaks up By  Danton Unger Two small words have recently brought to light a problem that has been silently attacking hundreds of thousands of women for countless years. MeToo. These are the words actress Alyssa Milano used in a tweet as a rally cry for people everywhere. Two words to show the world that sexual harassment is a big problem in North America, and to show anyone who has ever been abused or sexually harassed that they are not alone. “A moment can create a movement,” said Milano in a tweet on...

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Rebels Weekend Recap

By Neil Noonan- Reporter The young Rebels showed promise this weekend in their annual preseason volleyball tournament. In its fifth year, the Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Rebels Men’s Volleyball Tournament was host to all five men’s teams in the MCAC at Red River College’s Notre Dame campus. Rebels athletic director, Shane Ray, says it’s the perfect way to kick off the volleyball season. “For a lot of these students, it’s the first time they’re playing on a college court,” said Ray. “It gives them a little wake-up call to what it’s all about.” Typical of a college team full of athletes in short two-year programs, this year’s men’s volleyball team only has three returning players. One of the three, Reese Meixner, is feeling good about this year’s squad after playing through a disappointing first season with the Rebels. He says this group of guys feels different. “We’re keeping our heads up, cheering each other on,” Meixner said. “Our focus isn’t on the last one, and we’re always thinking about the next play.” Meixner led the team in straight sets against the Pilots, Cougars, and Les Rouges. “Right now, we’re rolling,” Meixner said. “We’ve never played together, and we showed up this weekend, and we’re putting balls away.” Some of the teams in the MCAC have already travelled out of province to play in exhibition games of their own, but this...

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Students’ stress mounts, as universities break for fall reading week

RRC students staying in school as city universities offer a fall reading week to promote mental health By Madison Reico Red River College (RRC) students can’t catch a break as university students plan to relax over fall reading week. University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg students started their fall reading week on Oct. 5, with both schools being closed on Thanksgiving Monday. The University of Winnipeg’s reading week break extends until Oct. 13. Meanwhile, the University of Manitoba students is back in class on Oct. 10. The intent of the break is to promote mental health awareness, says the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association. Fall reading week may provide students with a way to relieve stress during a busy time of the school year and reduce pressures that may trigger anxiety and other mental health issues. Following the lead of the University of Winnipeg, which first offered a fall reading week in 2015, the University of Manitoba scheduled their first fall reading week in 2016. RRC has not followed the trend. “I definitely think it’s worth examining,” said Chris Pointon, a Digital Media Design instructor at RRC. “Many post-secondary institutions throughout Canada have found that it’s been beneficial to student’s mental health, and has had a positive impact on their academic success.” Until 2010, RRC did not have any reading week break in February. Red River College...

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From Here and Away says goodbye to The Forks, hello to new opportunities

Photography and design collective looks to focus on workshops and photo excursions By Kaelen Bell From Here and Away (FH&A) is saying goodbye to The Forks, but don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon. Founded in 2015, FH&A’s website describes it as, “a clothing company and a multifaceted creative platform designed to inspire travel, exploration and self-expression in people of all walks of life.” The clothing company and creative collective have wrapped up its six-month residency at The Forks, a time that 23-year-old FH&A founder Joseph Visser looks back on fondly. “It was just a really big learning opportunity, there was a lot of good growth,” Visser said at the FH&A farewell event. Fans and community members gathered to say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next. Now that FH&A doesn’t have a physical operating space, Visser hopes to focus on more photography and design workshops. “I’m focused on what can we do without a fixed address,” he said. Visser says he hopes people come to their workshops, such as the upcoming FortWhyte Alive Sunset Goose Migration / Photo Excursion on October 12, with an open mind and relaxed attitude. As Visser puts it, “the true benchmark for success is if someone makes a friend at a workshop.” This emphasis on community building is what draws many to FH&A, like Abdul Isse, who said that his involvement in the...

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